Pakistan: Textile Industry in Crisis

by:JIYALI     2021-08-11
In Pakistan, the textile crisis is a topic of public discussion. Almost everyone is implicated. Textile entrepreneurs (the so-called good boys, it seems to be detained now. The businessmen seem to be disobedient students, lined up for inspection by supervisors (banks). Most people have problems. Some people have been sentenced to reprieves. Some people will be fired.    The Prime Minister of Pakistan lowered the bank interest rate and textile companies ordered expensive European machinery, but they soon discovered that the good times were not constant. The interest rate was raised sharply. Bank spreads also widened, and the practice of lending usury made money. People earn billions of dollars, and manufacturing companies are deprived of loan opportunities.   The uneven distribution of profits has stimulated the rich to launch active lobbying activities. They say that the Pakistani textile industry has not expanded its share in the high-value-added products and manufactured goods market. But in the debate, one thing was forgotten, that is, as long as the export product bears the Pakistan-made trademark, Western consumers will walk away, and Pakistan’s forehead is engraved with the words terrorism. This is of course a misunderstanding, but Unfortunately, in recent times, this kind of propaganda has been widely circulated in Western media.   Plans are very important for the implementation of any economic strategy. It is now clear that Pakistan’s dictatorship cannot make appropriate plans. Why is no one notified in advance. Pakistan’s textile bosses lack gas and electricity? Pakistan’s economy ministers, experts, and planners laughed wildly behind the sheer abusive mentality, and at this time, one after another high-priced European gas generators arrived in Pakistan’s ports. Who pays for dozens of depreciated CATERPILLAR gas generators in the factory?    Pakistan cotton production cuts. Insufficient cotton leads to high cotton prices in spinning mills. At the same time, the extra-long staple cotton placed on the Indian border is considered a forbidden fruit and is not allowed to pass by land Transport. Some lobbyists hope that before cotton enters Pakistan, they will go around the world eight times. Who are these people? Are they bankers? They are very proud of the textile business owners kneeling in front of their door, asking for an increase in their loans. The amount? The textile industry is Pakistan’s largest export industry. After all the buttons are wrong, the government should not blame entrepreneurs. If it is not feasible, closing the door is not an acceptable answer. People in the textile industry should take a breath, Pakistan’s free market theory should be saved. More subsidies should be provided to the textile industry and interest rates should be lowered. Banks should be told to fix interest margins and provide more room for other industries. Everyone should take care of the country’s economic pillars. At least until the textile industry gets some help , Deserve the care of the government.
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