Pakistan's textile exports continue to decline

by:JIYALI     2021-08-16
From July to April of this fiscal year, Pakistan's textile product exports continued to show a downward trend, a decrease of 2.54% from the same period last year.   According to data released by the Federal Bureau of Statistics on Tuesday, the total textile exports from July to April of 2007-08 were 8.649 billion U.S. dollars, compared with 8.875 billion U.S. dollars in the same period last year. Exports of almost all textile products are disappointing, especially value-added products, leading to negative growth in overall textile exports.   In April, textile product exports increased slightly by 1.65% to 872103 million U.S. dollars, compared with 857967 million U.S. dollars in the same period last year. This represents a decrease of 5.59% compared to exports of USD 92373 million in March this fiscal year.   Textile exports are subdivided. From July to April this fiscal year, exports of bed sheets, tents, canvas and tarpaulins decreased by 4.27% and 1.66% respectively. The export of cotton cloth, carded cotton yarn and other cotton products decreased by 9%, 8.44% and 3.22% respectively, while the export of knitwear and raw cotton increased by 1.65% and 28.45% respectively.
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