Pakistan's knitwear manufacturers are concerned about rising yarn prices

by:JIYALI     2021-08-06
The price of Khmer yarn has seriously hurt the viability of the textile and garment industry. The textile and garment industry has experienced survival wars due to high production costs and electricity costs.   Pakistan’s Knitwear Manufacturers Association President Javed Biowani said in a statement on Wednesday that rising cotton yarn prices are a huge burden and cut exports of value-added clothing.  Biowani said that due to the fierce competition from neighboring countries in the world market, coupled with the continuous domestic unrest, the negative travel advice of foreign governments is the main factor that has increased the sorrow of Pakistan's textile and garment industry.  Biovanni said that the price of 30 yarns was about Rs 73/lb, compared to Rs 62/lb five months ago. Similarly, the current price of 20 yarns is 65 rupees/lb, and the price five months ago was 52 rupees/lb.  Biovanni said that the value-added clothing sector provided employment opportunities for millions of workers, including a large number of women, and many workers were unemployed due to the closure of factories.  Biovanni asked the government to take immediate measures to check yarn prices to ensure that yarns can be obtained at reasonable prices in the domestic market. He suggested that if an exporter can provide a copy of the LC to the yarn distributor, then they should be able to get the yarn supply at a fixed price throughout the year.
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