Pakistan's cotton production is expected to be lowered to 11.6 million bales

by:JIYALI     2021-08-04
On Monday, a senior Ministry of Agriculture and Food officials said that Pakistan lowered its forecast for New Year’s cotton production starting in October from 12.6 million bales to 11.6 million bales, due to cotton fields being attacked by insects and poor weather.   This is the third time that Pakistan has lowered its cotton production forecast. The weight of each bale of cotton is equal to 170 kg.   The output of Punjab, Pakistan is now expected to be about 8.9 million bales, which is lower than the earlier forecast of 9.6 million bales, and the output of Sindh is expected to be 2.7 million bales, which is lower than the earlier forecast of 3.2 million bales.   Sohail Mehmood Harral, President of the Pakistan Cotton Processing Association, said that in Punjab, large areas of cotton fields have been attacked by powdery worms and leaf roll viruses.   The Pakistani government has allowed textile merchants to import about 500,000 bales of cotton from India, while importing 1 million bales of cotton from Kazakhstan and China.  India has raised its cotton export forecasts across the board. Among them, there is a big demand from Pakistan.   India’s Federal Textile Commissioner J.N. Singh said: Earlier, we expected to export about 6 million bales in 2007-08, but we now raise our export forecast by another 1 million bales because of strong demand from Pakistan and China.
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