Pakistan and Vietnam compete with India for textile space in the U.S. and EU markets

by:JIYALI     2021-08-18
Bangladesh, Pakistan and Vietnam have formed severe competition with Indian textiles in the US and EU markets, because the changing Indian rupee value and outdated labor laws have affected the price competitiveness of India’s textile exports. The research shows.  This study stated that: India’s textile export prices are not as competitive as small countries such as Vietnam and Bangladesh. During 2005-2007, it faced severe competition in the EU and US markets. The appreciation of the Indian rupee is considered to be one of the factors that make export prices uncompetitive. Other factors include economic scale and labor laws. These factors make India's exports lose competitiveness compared with other countries' exports in global trade. .  These issues require appropriate intervention measures to ensure that Indian exporters increase their share of the world's textile trade. In the US market, the average price of textiles exported by India is higher than that of China and Pakistan, and its share of global textile imports by the United States only increased by 1.6% between 1995 and 2007. Vietnam's share increased from 0.04% to 4.7%, and China's share rose from 11% to 33.5%.
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