Must the bridal bag be red? Can the bridal bag be pink?

by:JIYALI     2021-06-26

In daily life, many things are needed when getting married, such as a bride’s bag. The bridal wedding bag is used to carry things on the day of the wedding, so many people choose the color that is prosperous when choosing. , Looks more lively and festive.

Does the bridal bag have to be red?

On the wedding day, the bride usually prepares a wedding bag, mainly to store some scattered small objects, of course, it will also include the money. On the wedding day, the bridal bag is generally kept by the bridesmaid. In this way, the bridal bag can also be called the bridesmaid bag, and the bride can continue to use it after marriage. In fact, there is no uniform standard, as long as it matches well with the style and color of the clothing. Of course, most people still prefer red. First, red is festive, which is more in line with the atmosphere of the wedding. Second, red is a good match, no matter how you wear it. What kind of dress can play the role of echoing or setting off, so it is deeply favored and liked by everyone.

Can I use pink for the bridal bag?

Generally, people choose red because it looks festive, but there is no rule that it must be red! As long as it matches the style and color of the dress, it can be used with the wedding The theme does not conflict with the site layout. In fact, it is not limited to red. It is also possible to have something like pink. The bag shouldn’t be too big, like the big bag you usually go shopping, it’s usually a hand bag, which can hold things that can be used in weddings such as a small mirror, a small comb, and a red envelope! The bag that the bridesmaid is carrying does not need to be too big, that is, the size of the shoulder bag is usually just right. Basically, the bag contains a wallet, mobile phone, a few packets of cigarettes on the wedding day, and some sugar (used to be sent to the groom’s house. Someone stopped the door) and put some powder puffs for the bride's makeup, a second set of dresses, jewelry for toasts and the like (if there is makeup, these are not needed), and maybe some that the bride usually likes to bring. Necessities, so don’t need to be too big, the usual bag is almost the same.

What to put in the bridal bag

1. Mobile phone: It is convenient to contact the guests.

2. Water: Bring your own water bottle so that you can drink it when you are thirsty.

3. Straws: prepare the straws so that the bride will not get delicate makeup when she drinks water.

4. Paper towels (including wet paper towels): can be used when the new couple sweats or touches up makeup.

5. Red envelope: It includes the red envelope received and the empty red envelope bag prepared for the guests.

6. First aid for makeup: You can put some simple cosmetics in it, such as makeup powder, lipstick, and eyebrow pencil, so that you can help yourself when you are away from the makeup artist.

7. Needlework: In this way, you can save yourself when there is an open thread or crack in the newcomer’s dress.

8. Band-aid: mainly used for newcomers to rub their feet.

9. Small snacks: You can prepare some small snacks such as chocolate and beef cubes to avoid the newcomer from starving without eating for a day.

10. Other things: place some things according to your needs, such as bank cards, lighters, and small items for your convenience.

What to pay attention to when choosing a wedding bag

If you choose red, you can’t go wrong and conform to the overall atmosphere of the wedding. Whether it’s a wedding dress or a Chinese dress, it looks great. But if you want to choose other colors, you must pay attention to the match with the wedding dress and match the atmosphere of the whole wedding. Also pay attention to some colors, such as white and black. After all, domestic weddings are a happy event. Wedding dresses are a combination of Western-style weddings. White wedding dresses with white wedding bags are also possible, but black wedding bags may be suitable.

1. Color matching

The color of the bridal wedding bag will generally choose the mainstream color red, gold, pink, and white are also possible, and the bride’s white wedding dress and Chinese dress It fits well. And the bride bag is also used by the bridesmaid in many cases, so it should be matched with the bridesmaid's outfit.

2. Space size

According to the number of items to be placed, choose the wedding bag of the corresponding size. If there are more things to be placed, the space of the wedding bag should be larger. But it should not be too large to affect the aesthetics.

3. Safety

It is best to have a zippered sandwich layer, placed in classification, so as to avoid miscellaneous piles, you will not find what you are looking for for a while, safety It is also relatively high.

4. Convenient to carry

Because the wedding day is more cumbersome, so when choosing a wedding bag, it must be convenient to carry, convenient to take and put things, convenient and fast, the bride saves trouble, and the bridesmaid saves heart. Choose a suitable wedding bridal bag, complete with equipment, get married with peace of mind, and prevent small accidents from spoiling your good mood.

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