Misunderstandings to avoid when choosing leather goods manufacturers

by:JIYALI     2021-05-09
When a customer came to Yixin and wanted to find an excellent leather goods manufacturer to cooperate, because there were too many leather goods manufacturers, they were caught in a price comparison dilemma. The final selected cooperative manufacturer was also unsatisfactory, resulting in many after-sales problems to be solved. Here, JIYALI reminds you to avoid these misunderstandings when choosing a leather manufacturer.

1. Cost is the most concerned issue of all customers.

Many customers demand good quality and low prices when negotiating with leather goods manufacturers. The key element of 'cost-effectiveness' is often overlooked. As the saying goes: you get what you pay for, which profoundly shows that the higher the value of the hand-made leather products, the price must not be cheap. The first cause of cheap processing is the shortened product life, many after-sales problems, and excessive manpower, material resources and financial resources in dealing with quality problems. In this conversion, you should understand that when choosing a leather manufacturer, you can’t rely on the price to show the advantages.

2, the goods are in a hurry, and customers all hope that the delivery period can be shortened. When customers place an order, they will require shortening the delivery period and early shipment. This is also an unfavorable factor that causes the rework rate of goods to rise steadily. In particular, some small workshops lack a management system. Once they rush to work, they will face incorrect versions of goods, which will increase quality problems.

3. Honesty is the foundation of any cooperative relationship. If you choose a non-standard leather factory, you are likely to face a loss of goods and money. This is because these leather workshops not only have a short period of time to rise, the mobility of workers is too large, orders are unstable, and they do not have any management system, which directly leads to the phenomenon of people leaving the factory empty.

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