Mill-wardBrown announced the 2013 global luxury brand list: LV, Hermes, and Gucci ranked top three

by:JIYALI     2021-08-18
Recently, the internationally renowned brand research company Mill-wardBrown announced the top 100 best brands in the world in 2013. Louis Vuitton (LV) still takes the leading position in the boutique category with a brand market value of approximately US$22.7 billion. The remaining brands are Hermès in order. Hermes, Gucci, Prada PRADA, Rolex, Chanel, Cartier, etc. Although Louis Vuitton has once again become the most valuable luxury brand in 2013, the overall value of the brand has fallen by 12% compared to last year, and it has also dropped by 8 places in the unclassified ranking, from 21st to No. 1 this year. The 29th place, compared with the 35th place, the market capitalization gap is less than 3 billion US dollars. Some experts believe that due to the Chinese government’s anti-luxury policy, the consumption of luxury goods has slowed down, the European economy is still sluggish, and Asian tourists are not as expected, and other factors have limited the growth of luxury brands. Louis Vuitton has focused on the Chinese market. Naturally suffer the most. It is also worth noting that although only 95 of the top 100 PRADAs were squeezed this year, its performance is quite impressive. The brand value has grown by 63%, which is also the most in the luxury category. This is attributed to PRADA's dedication to expansion The company’s sales channels, and shifted its focus to the Middle East and the Americas, to reduce reliance on the Asia-Pacific market, making the brand a great success. Under the influence of the continued decline in the general environment, luxury brands must continue to maintain growth in revenue. In addition to expanding the possibility of more emerging markets, adjusting product content toward refinement and uniqueness, and making good use of social media Only by communicating directly with consumers and providing personalized services on the Internet and physical stores can the brand value continue to increase.
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