Mexico wants to discuss textile dumping with China

by:JIYALI     2021-07-31
Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa stated that the Mexican government is in favor of direct talks with the Beijing authorities on the issue of Chinese textile dumping in order to resolve the impending expansion of the crisis. According to the WTO Member’s Retention List in Annex 7 of China’s WTO Accession Protocol, Mexico’s anti-dumping measures against 1,310 tariff lines involving 21 categories of products made in China, including bicycles, footwear, textiles, garments, toys, and door locks, will be implemented soon. It expires on December 12th, 2007, when the conservative President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, must submit to the WTO Dispute Settlement Panel what kind of products will continue to be subject to anti-dumping restrictions or tariff quotas and other restrictions and explain the reasons. Mexican Foreign Minister Patricia Espinosa revealed to the media at a press conference after his visit to Beijing that Mexico hopes to reach an agreement with China before the expiration of the anti-dumping measures, and believes that an agreement should be reached through consultations between the two parties. In addition, he also expressed his hope that the Chinese government will understand. Mexico is in a fragile situation, because this issue is at stake for Mexico's economic plan.   In recent years, Chinese products have aggressively invaded the domestic Mexican market, and the growth rate has been rising by a double-digit percentage every year. It has also replaced the original market share of Mexican-made products in the United States and other markets.
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