Men's wallet customized price range introduction

by:JIYALI     2021-05-16
Men's wallets are often used by men. The price range is about 30-200 yuan. The range of what they want depends on different styles, prices of raw materials, and process requirements. The production price is also quite large, such as It is said that there is a clear difference between the price of the first layer of cowhide and the second layer of cowhide. The price difference for the same style may be as much as 30 yuan. In the leather goods business, the specific price can only be known by waiting for the customer to confirm the raw materials, styles and sizes, and it is best to have the actual product or proof.

The common materials for men's wallets are cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, etc. The price of each leather material is different, and the products produced have different effects.

The different styles of the wallet can also determine the production price of the wallet. The long wallet is more expensive than the short wallet, because the long wallet requires more leather and the loss is more Short wallets are large and processing costs are high, so processing fees are more expensive than short wallets. If you want to know more about leather goods, please contact our online customer service

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