Men's bag OEM processing plants need to pay attention to internal strength

by:JIYALI     2021-05-17
Looking back on the ups and downs of the development of luggage and leather goods in recent years, I have to admire the quality and products that consumers look most clearly at. The editor also clarified in accordance with his own thinking, where is the road for OEM processing of men's bags this year! The situation in the next year is so-called severe. It is necessary to test the road to the male-branded processing factory, whether to move forward bravely or to create another road. Where is the cold winter approaching spring for leather goods?

There is such a legend in the market that one out of every two bags on the market comes from it. Very vividly said the status of luggage in the industry. Since ancient times, leather goods have been a major pillar in the light industry, and many large-scale leather goods brands have been achieved. Behind this, the men's bag OEM factory is also unspeakable. In this era when it’s not “you’re doing it,” there are many people who give up orders. After receiving orders, profit margins are shrinking every year.

At present, taking a foreign brand-name luggage that sells more than 1,000 yuan abroad as an example, the labor cost, raw material cost, etc. are eliminated, and the profit point of the processing enterprise does not exceed 5 points. , And even stay at the level of a few yuan. Behind the production reality of small and medium enterprises OEM processing, the profitability of small enterprises is reduced. It has to be seen that the traditional industries are once again on the node of transformation and upgrading. Is it to continue to deepen its original motivation and strengthen the efficiency of the factory, or to switch to its own brand. Regardless of whether we are looking for other outlets, we need to control innovation and quality. Every enterprise needs to pay attention to the cultivation of internal strength, so that its own product line can withstand the test of the market.

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