LV insider '20,000 yuan canvas bag'

by:JIYALI     2021-07-31
Selling all over the world, Louis Vuitton, which is well-known in the East and the West, has a fixed annual increase. Non-leather bags can also be purchased for tens of thousands of yuan. Fans like it and those who are good are sour. Everyone will inevitably raise questions about how it is possible. Recently, it launched a full canvas bag. With a value of more than 20,000 yuan, what is the Louis Vuitton canvas bag? LV's monogram series has a powerful pattern-removing logo. It is said that it is the paint that is dyed with deep canvas. Even the public relations staff can't specify the paint. It has a unique patent. Recently, there is a widespread Internet rumor that a Taiwanese company can do this dyeing procedure. LV put forward a refutation, pointing out that this is the raw material and technology only available in the main factory. The rumors are as ridiculous as some brands claim that the leather used in handbags is the same piece of leather as LV. LV leather is made of Nordic cowhide. Due to the natural environment, there are fewer mosquito bites and scars. Coupled with quality control, even in the same tannery, LV is the first upstream in the selection of materials. The top leather will definitely get LV. The financial resources and the advantages of ordinary brands are difficult to match. Only rigorous work can withstand the rigorous test.
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