Louis Vuitton issued a statement saying it did not support anti-China organizations

by:JIYALI     2021-08-13
Recently, in response to the initiatives of netizens to boycott Carrefour, boycott LV, and boycott French goods, French merchants issued statements stating that they did not support anti-China organizations and stated that they supported the Beijing Olympics. Louis Vuitton issued a statement: did not support the accusations of anti-China organizations are baseless Louis Vuitton pointed out in the statement that individual media reports on Louis Vuitton are false reports and are deeply concerned. The statement stated that these comments and allegations are unfounded. The statement also said that Louis Vuitton has always respected and supported China's national sovereignty and unity, and is well aware that social stability is an important factor in the sustainable development of China's economy. The statement specifically emphasizes: Whether it is the company or the company's main shareholder, we never support any organization or behavior that is contrary to the interests of the Chinese government and the Chinese people.
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