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by:JIYALI     2021-05-20
To make a high-quality bag, in addition to the experience and exquisite workmanship of the bag foundry, the leather of the bag is also very important. The quality of the bag determines the grade of the entire bag. Especially for manufacturers who are looking for contract labor and materials, the manufacturer must have a broad source of leather materials.

The bag foundry is said to be good, but what's so good about it? Let's take a look together. Let's start with leather processing. Most bag factories have more than ten or two decades of leather processing experience, and they have gathered many experienced bag processing personnel. Both experience and technology are preferred. There is also the world's largest leather distribution center. There are many large leather markets that provide a variety of high-quality leather materials for bag factories to choose from. Among them, the leather market is mainly concentrated in the Sanyuanli area, including the leading leather market, Jiahao leather and hardware market, and the Meihaopan leather hardware market. Here you can find all kinds of high-quality leather, hardware and accessories. Friends who want to customize their bags don’t have to worry about finding leather!

JIYALI is a well-known bag foundry factory and has 16 years of leather processing experience. At present, there are 4,000 square meters of standardized production workshop and 600 square meters of sample selection hall. The factory has a professional and programmed production team of 300+ people. A design team with 10+ years of experience and a quality inspection team with 30+ people. , It is worth choosing!

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