Looking at the world: China's fur will affect the world trend

by:JIYALI     2021-08-03
China's fur industry, whether it is aquaculture, processing industry or consumption status, has occupied a pivotal position in the international market. According to Zhu Renyong, Chairman of the Fur Professional Committee of the China Leather Association and director of the International Fur Association, the world fur industry has a history of more than one hundred years. It mainly consists of mink, fox, raccoon and otter fur. Others include sable and fur. Silk mouse skin and so on. In recent years, European and American countries have been affected by the awareness of environmental protection and animal rights protection, coupled with the rising cost of breeding, and many countries restrict and ban the breeding of fur animals, which have affected the development of the fur breeding industry in these countries. On the contrary, the Chinese government supports and encourages the development of the fur breeding industry, and has successively introduced various preferential policies to promote the rapid development of China's aquaculture industry, and it has gradually become a scale. This year, the number of mink and fox breeding in China has reached a historical peak. Judging from the current development trend, China's production of mink, fox and raccoon skins has surpassed Denmark and Finland, which have the largest production in the world, and has become the world's largest fur farming country. In the past ten years, China's economy has developed rapidly, people's living standards have been continuously improved, and the consumer market has also begun to change. Fur products have moved from traditional warmth to decoration, and are widely used in textiles, cashmere, down, leather and other products; from a single winter market to a year-round market; from a cold northern part of China to a warm southern city; From aristocracy to civilianization...This has caused the demand for fur products to increase in the Chinese consumer market year by year, and has aroused widespread concern in the fur industry around the world. Zhu Renyong said that now that China has joined the World Trade Organization, large-scale fur animal farming, a large number of export sales of fur products, and China's vast market space make China occupy a pivotal position in the international fur market, which is bound to drive the further development of the world fur industry. .
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