Leather processing factory 'payment to delivery' has become the new normal

by:JIYALI     2021-05-14
'Getting goods in arrears' has always been a 'hidden rule' in the leather goods industry, and the issue of receivables is also a persistent problem for leather goods processing factories. In the survey at the end of last year, most leather goods processing plant owners said that they were more or less troubled by the receivables problem. From 'acquiring goods in arrears' to 'delivering goods

'Now I would rather take orders with low profits but cash.' A leather goods factory owner said so! 'Last year we did about 10 million business, which is a lot less than the previous two years. The main thing is that the money is too difficult to collect. Some of the money has not been recovered after three or four years, and many businesses are afraid to do it.' The boss of the leather goods processing plant makes such complaints!

With the development of the economy, the market has undergone some changes accordingly. Originally, products and markets were the main focus, but now it is more on products and services. The market is no longer a single market, the quality of products and high-quality services determine the market.

Leather processing manufacturers or merchants have given customers a time limit for arrears, and they will provide customers with guidance on template issues. During this time limit, customers need to pay to fulfill their promises. In addition, since the beginning of this year, the prices of fabrics, accessories, factory rents, freight, etc. have been rising. The leather industry has entered an era of meager profit. Most leather processing manufacturers and merchants in the market have become cautious. Delivery has become the new normal trend.

Nowadays, most leather goods processing factory owners are reluctant to do business in arrears. Another important reason is that often those in arrears often disappear in this environment. fly. Once a merchant encounters it, it will lose money, or even lose money.

Therefore, this year, payment to delivery has become a new trend. After all, there are many obvious benefits regarding payment to delivery.

1. Receipt on delivery allows customers to carefully consider the variety and quantity of the purchase when purchasing, and not to purchase randomly.

2, payment on delivery allows customers to sell products more attentively. Let's make an analogy: we will go to see the movie tickets we bought for 100 yuan if it rains tonight. If the movie tickets we sent are raining so hard, we don't want to go, because it doesn't matter if you don't pay.

3. Payment to delivery can make the relationship better, because cash customers in the leather processing industry must be the most cherished customers of the merchants, and the merchants will retain you with the greatest discount and after-sales service ;Actually, many of the credit customers are very good friends, but they may not be able to do so when they ask for an account.

4. At the beginning of the credit account, the foreshadowing has been laid for offending and losing customers in the future. How many partnerships have changed from the initial politeness, understanding, support, and trust to the final reminder, drag Hidden accounts, turned faces, and scolded, all of them have become lawsuits. Therefore, when you start to cooperate, you must dare to make demands. Don't be afraid that you won't be able to do this business. If you excessively lower the bottom line and lose the principle, the result will be a loss of people and money!

Although due to a long-standing habit, the mainstream leather processing industry is still 'getting the goods in arrears. In addition, with the crazy price increase of fabrics, accessories, factory rents, freight, and other products, the profit of leather processing is getting thinner and thinner. If you don't get a payment, you may lose a year of profit. Therefore, we have reason to believe that this industry is moving towards the era of payment delivery!

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