Leather processing custom process

by:JIYALI     2021-05-14
As a professional manufacturer of custom-made leather goods, we have found some problems with the custom-made processing process among many customers we have contacted for the first time.

When some customers first consulted through the Internet or telephone, they didn't follow the routines, so that we were very impatient, such as: 'Is it a leather manufacturer? I want to order a batch of leather products, how much will it cost? At this time, we really can't answer your question. Because of the type, specifications, materials, etc. of the product you want to customize, we can't make a plan before we communicate and understand the requirements. I want to answer the questions you ask casually, and I guess we'll talk about the heavens to death. Therefore, the correct leather processing custom process should be like this:

One: Communicate to determine the needs

When we establish communication, you must first specify the type of customized products you need. , Materials, specifications, tell us, and we are determined by the development department to do and can help you, then proceed to the next step.

Two: Proofing and publishing

After confirming the details, we can make proofing according to your needs, including the drawings or samples, and the general leather processing custom proofing time It is 3-7 days, like our JIYALI sample version can be completed within a week.

Three: Pattern Confirmation

After the pattern is released, we will communicate with you again to let you see whether the pattern we have printed can meet your previous requirements or Is it consistent with the sample you provided. If the pattern needs to be modified, we will re-proof the sample within three days for you to reconfirm. So as to meet your requirements before production. I must remind you here that after you confirm the sample, our manufacturer will no longer make changes.

Four: Sign the contract

After the sample is confirmed, the two parties can sign the leather goods processing custom-made contract. The content includes: price, delivery date, after-sales service, delivery method, etc. When signing a contract, both parties must clearly and negotiate each clause.

Five: Mass production

After the contract is signed, it is mass production. At this time, we will work on the assembly line according to the specifications of the prototype to ensure that the processing is completed within the agreed time.

6: Quality inspection and delivery

After the batch production is completed on schedule, we will once again conduct a quality inspection and packaging of the products, and then use logistics or express delivery, etc., safe Deliver customized leather processing products to your hands.

Seven: After-sales service

As soon as the product is delivered, it will enter the agreed after-sales service range. If you find after-sales problems, you can directly find our relevant management staff to complain, and you will definitely solve your problem in the first time!

The above seven points are the basic process for a leather processing factory to process products for you.

Finally, when a friend who needs to process custom-made leather products is looking for a manufacturer, he can first understand the processing process to avoid unnecessary waste of time and money. Hope to help everyone. I wish you all a prosperous business!

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