Leather goods factory takes you to know calfskin

by:JIYALI     2021-05-13
With the development of leather products, more and more leather manufacturers have begun to use cowhide to make leather products. Compared with other leather types, cowhide is softer and plump, with finer pores and finer lines. Among cowhides, calfskin is in a position to do my part. Because it is a calf, the leather is more delicate. Let the professionals of the leather factory introduce us some of the advantages of calfskin.

1. Hand feel

Because the skin of calfskin is made when the cow is young, just like the skin of our human babies. Everyone knows that baby's skin is very smooth and delicate to the touch, and feels great.

Second, good air permeability

Because the pores of calfskin are more delicate than those of adult cows. Therefore, it has excellent air permeability and is suitable for storing things.

3. Heat dissipation

The calfskin has small pores on the surface, clear texture, and good heat dissipation. It is a superior leather.

The above are the advantages of calfskin raised by leather goods manufacturers. When buying leather products, you may wish to buy products made of calfskin.

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