Large gap in the textile market in Tajikistan

by:JIYALI     2021-08-12
Tajikistan is one of the typical mountainous countries with animal husbandry as its main industry and agriculture as its secondary industry. The economic development pattern of focusing on the development of animal husbandry and ignoring the development of light industry formed in the former Soviet Union has caused long-term backwardness in the development of light industry in Tajikistan. After the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, Tajikistan's textile and garment industry declined sharply, with a very low annual output value, which could only meet 5% to 10% of the domestic market demand. The foundation of the textile industry in Tajikistan is generally weak. Due to the influence of technology, equipment, raw materials and other aspects, the output of textiles is currently showing a downward trend. There is a large market gap and a large increase in the number of imports. The import market has huge potential.   In recent years, as the economic situation of Tajikistan has improved greatly, the income of residents has continued to rise, and the demand for textiles in the market has become increasingly strong. A large amount of textiles need to be imported every year to meet the domestic consumer demand of Kazakhstan. The textiles that China exports to Tajikistan through the Karasu port mainly include children's clothing, men's and women's winter clothes and sweaters, and chemical fiber carpets. Tajikistan’s textile market should be taken as a key area to realize the diversification of China’s textile export market, seize the market opportunities in the early stage of direct trade between China and Tajikistan, and strive to promote textile and apparel exports.
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