Japan Dyeing Association strengthens its influence in the textile industry

by:JIYALI     2021-08-11
Mita Muraichi, president of the Japan Dyeing Association, recently stated that 2008 is a year of great changes for the dyeing and finishing industry, with opportunities and challenges coexisting, and hopes to exert the influence of the dyeing industry as a key industry in the textile industry chain. Although the dyeing and finishing industry is facing difficulties such as rising costs and difficulty in increasing processing fees, the Dyeing Association still insists that if cooperation and communication with upstream and downstream enterprises can be strengthened, the dyeing and finishing industry is expected to achieve a revival. In recent years, the operating environment faced by dyeing and finishing enterprises can be described as miserable. Raw materials, fuels, dyes and other materials that dyeing and finishing enterprises need to use have all increased in price. Pressure from environmental protection has further increased, and processing fees have been increased. The appeal has not received a positive response. Santian village likened the status quo of the dyeing and finishing industry to that the mouse is eager to bite the cat, determined to explain the urgent situation facing the dyeing and finishing industry to the upstream and downstream industries, and promote the structural adjustment of the textile industry. At present, the Japan Dyeing Association has decided to hold another consultation with the Garment Industry Association and the Japan Chemical Fiber Association on increasing the dyeing and finishing fees before the end of March. In addition, the Dyeing Association also plans to contact interior decoration companies to explore ways to break the predicament. Due to increased environmental pressure, the dyeing and finishing industry will face a more severe situation. In view of the increasingly strict restrictions on the use of chemical reagents in Japan, the Dyeing Association hopes that upstream raw silk manufacturers can actively cooperate and explore countermeasures. In addition, the dyeing association will also seek cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises on issues such as the inventory of finished products of dyeing enterprises.
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