Japan determines the focus of textile industry work in 2008

by:JIYALI     2021-08-05
At the end of 2007, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan established a long-term plan for the development of the textile industry. The theme is: Textile Industry Prospects and Issues: From clothing to high-tech materials, relying on technology and sensibility to go to the world. At the beginning of 2008, the Japanese government passed the 2008 textile industry budget and determined the focus of the textile industry. According to reports, the focus of the work of the Japanese textile industry in 2008 will focus on two aspects, one is to increase external publicity, and the other is to actively develop resource-saving and eco-friendly materials. In order to strengthen the external publicity of Tokyo Fashion Week in Japan, the Japanese government has allocated 600 million yen, mainly for the continuous holding of various activities of Tokyo Fashion Week in Japan, helping companies to find and train professional talents, and strengthen domestic textile and apparel information exchange and cooperation. Form a synergistic effect. It is reported that the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has decided to allocate 870 million yen to promote the creation of perceptual value and 1.7 billion yen to strengthen the development of the game industry. In addition to obtaining funds from the government and private organizations, the Tokyo Fashion Week Promotion Agency will also collect membership fees from member companies to solve the problem of insufficient funds. With regard to the development of textile materials, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has increased its support for the research and development of eco-friendly materials. In the 2008 textile industry budget, 320 million yen was allocated for the development of carbon fiber synthetic materials technology, and 340 million yen was invested in research on rationalization of energy use. In July this year, the G8 summit will be held in Toyako City, Hokkaido. Environmental protection will become one of the main topics. Technological innovation in reducing greenhouse gas emissions is expected to become one of the important topics of the G8 summit. In addition, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has also proposed industrial policies related to the revitalization of Japanese manufacturing, strengthening of chemical product management, protection of intellectual property rights, and training of professionals in the textile industry in its budget related to the textile industry. This year, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has added an industry-academy cooperation to train professionals with a budget of 2.82 billion yen.
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