Italian online leather goods store brings a breath of fresh air

by:JIYALI     2021-08-16
The reason Bessie Carydis started making Italian leather goods is very simple. She hates women all over the world holding fake designer handbags. She said: I hate seeing people holding Louis Vuitton leather goods that are not Louis Vuitton. She said: Everyone is copying each other. We live in a culture with no personality. I think it’s time for people to show more personality. People need hand-made leather goods that are rich in personality, cheap, unique, style and quality.   As an advocate of changing this trend, Bessie began to look for something novel in the fashion industry and started her own business. She said: Actually, my sellers themselves are engaged in designing and making handmade leather goods. She mentioned the designer of Mimo handbags, which is a brand she is building. She said: This was designed by a friend of mine, and we have known each other for more than 30 years. Our family, friends, colleagues and myself have been buying his handbags for decades, and they also like his handbags. Everyone likes the quality, style and durability of his leather goods, so I decided to open a store. This product is very expensive.   She said: I don’t like seeing people using Louis Vuitton leather goods that are not Louis Vuitton. Our website is updated frequently to show new styles of Mimo designed exclusively by his team of experts. We plan to add new products to the store every week. Mimo often changes new designs, even if there is only one new design at a time, these new designs will continue to be added to the online store.   She said: Our long-term goal is to become the world leader in online handbags. Our vision is to provide customers with tailor-made handbags in the near future. Customers can choose size, color, leather and decorations.   In the process of building the Mimo brand, Bessie built a blog on to discuss products and get consumers’ comments on these products in advance. She said, I have some interesting designs and some traditional designs, and we like to sell all kinds of cheap leather goods. We will soon launch summer products with rich colors and complete styles.
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