Is vegetable tanned cowhide cowhide? Recently super hot leather material

by:JIYALI     2021-06-24

Vegetable tanned cowhide is a very popular leather material. Many people have always regarded it as cowhide. In fact, there are certain differences. The following editor on No.5 will tell you whether vegetable tanned cowhide is cowhide?

Is vegetable tanned cowhide cowhide?

Vegetable tanned cowhide is processed from cowhide and belongs to cowhide.

When it comes to vegetable tanned cowhide, we must first talk about the first layer of cowhide. The cowhide can be divided into several layers (it can be divided into as many as eight layers if the craft is good). The outermost layer is called the first layer of leather, also called green leather, with the best texture, stretch resistance and breathability. The second is the second layer of leather. Its surface and bottom are the same. The general practice is to polish the surface, then perform a series of treatments, and then use it after dyeing. Since vegetable tanned cowhide is a kind of leather tanned with vegetable tanning agents, it does not contain harmful substances to the human body. It is a green leather that can directly contact the skin and is harmless to the human body. It can be used in leather products such as handbags, backpacks, harnesses, insoles, shoes, cap rims, belts, etc., which can be in direct contact with the human body.

Why vegetable tanned cowhide is popular

The most fascinating aspect of vegetable tanned cowhide is that as the process of use is in the sun, the body temperature and the oil secreted by the body are moisturized, the skin color will gradually Deepening, the skin color gradually changes to yellowish brown or reddish brown, etc., just like Wenwan's patina process, which produces extremely rich texture changes, commonly known as 'raising cattle' and 'raising skins'.

Vegetable tanned leather retains the most authentic surface of the original leather, and there will be unavoidable wrinkles, scars, and imprints on a piece of leather. Therefore, the utilization rate of each piece of leather is random, which will also lead to an increase in the cost of vegetable tanned leather. But sometimes scars and folds are also its fascinating features. When making some rough style leather goods, a scar will become the finishing touch, but most of the time, choose the material of the cow's back buttocks smooth and tight without wrinkles. For the best, if the original pigment surface leather is made, there will be higher requirements for the quality of the leather surface.

Which types of vegetable tanned cowhide are there?

From the level of leather: full-grain leather>half-grain leather>lightly trimmed leather>heavy trimmed leather

From the hardness of the leather: chrome tanned leather>Semi-vegetable tanned leather>Fully vegetable tanned leather (tannin rubber)

From the style of the leather: oil wax leather, water-stained leather, smashed Grain leather, nappa leather, waxed leather, embossed leather, shaved leather, varnished leather, frosted leather, filmed leather, printed leather, cracked leather, suede leather, etc. (This style category seems to be many, Baidu moved it, and Wukong has time to finish it)

How to maintain vegetable tanned cowhide leather goods

A. Use cowhide to wipe oil stains on your face because of vegetable tanning Cowhide is the one that best reflects the retro complex, and it feels a bit like silverware. Different people use it, and its color changes are different, which is very interesting. It takes time to witness. Turning to the topic, you can use vegetable tanned leather products to wipe the grease on your face anytime and anywhere. In this way, the vegetable tanned leather will absorb the oil secreted from your body, so that the vegetable tanned leather has its own unique smell and chromosomes. Therefore, vegetable tanned leather will become smoother and richer in hand. Of course, you must be clean. Make sure that it absorbs only the oil secreted by your body.

B. Purchase liquid horn oil or transparent leather brightener to maintain the cowhide.

C. Use the horns used for scraping to scrape the vegetable tanned leather, which can remove wrinkles to a certain extent and achieve a leveling effect. The color of the cowhide is related to the growth of the cow. The original color is the natural state of the unmodified cowhide. If you buy the original color vegetable tanned leather products, there may be such small details. I believe you can understand and appreciate this. Original charm.

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