Is the wallet better cowhide or sheepskin? Wallet cowhide and sheepskin comparison

by:JIYALI     2021-07-14

Cowhide and sheepskin are one of the more common materials for wallets. These two materials are choices that many people struggle with when buying. The following editor on No.5 will tell you whether the wallet is better in cowhide or sheepskin?

Whether the wallet is cowhide or sheepskin

Sheepskin is better than cowhide, it feels good and soft, but the cowhide is brighter and more wear-resistant and stronger. Both sheepskin wallets and cowhide wallets have their own advantages, so you can choose to buy them according to your own preferences.

Features of cowhide wallets:

(1) The cowhide is thicker than sheepskin;

(2) The pores of cowhide are thicker than sheepskin, and sheepskin is denser;

(3) Cowhide cuts are thicker and thicker, while sheepskin cuts are finer and neat;

(4) Cowhide is generally used for men's clothing and casual wear, while sheepskin is mainly used for women's clothing.

Characteristics of sheepskin wallet:

(1) Goatskin: relatively (feel) hard;

(2) Sheep: relatively soft;

(3) Mixed sheep skins: larger than goat and sheep skins, and the skins are cheaper in comparison.

Comparison of wallet cowhide and sheepskin

One, sheepskin:

1. Sheep skin

Sheep skin is characterized by its lightness and thinness. The hand feels soft, smooth and delicate, with small pores, irregularly and evenly divided into oblate shapes. Sheep skin is a relatively high-grade raw material in leather bags.

2. Goatskin:

The structure of goatskin is slightly stronger than that of sheepskin, so the tensile strength is better than that of sheepskin. Because the skin layer is thicker than sheepskin, it is more wear-resistant than sheepskin. . The difference with sheep skin is that goat skin has a rougher grain surface, less smoothness than sheep skin, and a slightly worse hand feel than sheep skin.

Second, cowhide:

Because cowhide can reach a certain thickness and fastness, it is very suitable for leather handbags and belts. The characteristics of cowhide are small pores, uniform and tight distribution, plump leather surface, firmer skin than other skins, firm, rich and elastic hand. Of course, cowhide is now not only used in handbags, but also widely used in clothing and leather shoes.

The cowhide mainly includes yellow cowhide, buffalo cowhide, yak cowhide, and yak cowhide.

1. Yellow cowhide:

The grain is fine, the cortex is thick, the strength is high, and its fullness and elasticity are also good. Its characteristics are beautiful, comfortable and durable finished products.

2. Yak cowhide and yak cowhide:

The grain is worse than that of the yellow cow, and the other properties are roughly similar.

3. Buffalo leather:

The surface is rough, the fiber is loose, the strength is lower than that of yellow leather, and other properties are similar to that of yellow leather.

Common materials for wallets

First, calfskin

The surface of calfskin has fine and soft pores and is elastic and elastic. It is a good leather material and is not easy to wear. Deformed and graceful and noble. Advantages: clear skin texture, smooth feel, and elastic leather.

Second, soft cowhide

The cowhide is polished, and the waxing process makes the leather, soft and firm, not easy to crease, and the leather is soft, breathable, and protects the feet to wick away perspiration. Try not to wear it on rainy days.

Three, frosted oily skin

Polish the pores of the leather surface evenly so that the leather feels soft, the surface is smooth, the leather contains grease, is not easy to mold, is not easy to produce bacteria, and has no peculiar smell , Has the effect of natural wrinkles and discoloration. Advantages: water-resistant, not easy to deform when wearing. Care: dry white cloth, can be used for a long time wearing refined food oil and wipe with a soft white cloth to restore as new.

Four. Sheepskin

The leather is soft, comfortable to wear, highly breathable, and protects the shoes from perspiration. Care: colorless shoe polish, can not be treated with brighteners, which will make the leather surface It is hard to cause damage to the skin. Wearing tips: It should be worn under better road conditions. It is best if you can wear it every one or two days.

Five and two layers of leather

Count the second layer of animal skin from the surface (the surface under the leather surface is covered with PU paint after the manufacturer’s treatment, which is second only to the high-end materials of the leather surface. , Breathable and perspiration).

Six. The first layer of skin

The skin on the most surface of the animal has a soft hand feel and a lot of fiber, good strength and tensile force, and good air permeability. It should be avoided because of the fine material used. Areas with many scars and wrinkles. Therefore, the price of shoes made of the first layer of leather will be higher than that of the second layer of leather.

Common maintenance methods for wallets

How to maintain leather wallets. Method 1: Cleaner for ordinary stains

This is the most common method, for daily cleaning A mild soap solution is enough. Use a damp cloth to spread the cleaner evenly on the wallet, then gently wipe it off, and finally wash the foam on the wallet with water, and then dry it with a dry cloth. This method is OK. It is the simplest and very practical.

How to maintain the leather wallet method two: use maintenance cream to solve the abrasion

If the leather is worn out, you can apply a non-greasy colorless leather maintenance cream to let it penetrate slowly After that, polish it with a clean and soft cloth, which can make the leather regenerate its bright luster and prevent the leather from drying out.

How to maintain the cowhide wallet. Method 3: Smooth and clean the cowhide.

The cleaning of the cowhide is very simple. You only need to clean it with cotton cloth or wet wipes, because cowhide bags are generally The texture is rougher, and impurities are easier to enter. You only need to scrub it with a little force.

How to maintain the crocodile leather wallet four: dry it with a damp cloth

The crocodile leather wallet is very convenient to maintain. The crocodile leather is originally hard, if the wallet is stained If it gets dirty, it’s easy. Just wipe it with a damp cloth, and the effect will be very good, and it will not damage the crocodile leather wallet. Let’s try it!

How to maintain the sheepskin wallet Method 5: Send it to the bag maintenance shop for repair

For sheepskin wallets, it is very valuable. If you clean and maintain it yourself, it will easily cause damage to the sheepskin wallet. If it is not handled properly, it may cause damage to the sheepskin wallet. damage. So the best way is to send it to a professional maintenance shop for maintenance!

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