Is the velvet bag easy to take care of? How to take care of velvet bags?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-10

The velvet bag is a particularly popular style in autumn and winter this year. Many celebrities have already carried them back at the airport, and they are very good for taking pictures and practicality. The following editor on No.5 will tell you how velvet bags are easy to take care of? How to take care of velvet bags?

Is the velvet bag easy to take care of?

Velvet has a gorgeous visual sense and a kind of elegance from the bones. The velvet bag has been in a mess this year. If you don't buy it, you will be out. The velvet bag is actually better to take care of than real leather and not so delicate.

How to take care of the velvet bag

The velvet bag is still easy to take care of. Generally, it is enough to use a special brush when it is not dirty. If you really want to wash it, you must pay attention to it. point.

Washing should be done in lukewarm or cold water. Turn over with detergent or shower gel and rub it gently. Never use a washboard or scrubbing brush. Be careful not to soak in cold water or washing liquid for a long time. You should wash with the immersion and do not twist. Your hands are too sour after squeezing out the water. In case of bordered velvet, spread the velvet on a large bath towel after washing, and gently squeeze out the moisture after wrapping.

1. Do not expose to the sun, so as not to reduce the fastness and cause fading, yellowing, and deterioration of color

2. Avoid contact with rough or acid or alkali substances

3. It should be washed, ironed and dried before collection. It is best to stack and wrap it in cloth.

4. Mothballs should not be placed, otherwise the white bag will turn yellow

5. Put cloth during ironing to avoid aurora

The velvet bag brand recommendation

Gucci velvet bag

The gucci velvet bag has been swept up by the gucci velvet bag these days Everyone is crazy about gucci, which is about to increase its price. Which one of the little red babies have bought, come and share with me. I bought a large electric blue because I will use it when I have a lot of things. I bought it at a price of 9xxx, which is great.

Chanel velvet bag

The design and color of this bag are very special, classic and beautiful. There is a detachable coin pocket inside, which can be used for both purposes. There is a camellia on the bag chain, too! The buckle and the hardware on the bag chain are all in old style, quite retro. All in all, it is Meimeimei, which is very cost-effective. Including tax is almost 3081 US dollars.

YSL velvet bag

Almost all major brands have velvet bags this year. The unchanged bag shape with a little crystal silver tassel is another flavor. Up. Velvet really never gets tired of it, you can't put it down. I have always been disinterested in tassel bags, because I think the logo is more obvious. Recently, I suddenly felt that the name pompom was very interesting, and I started to like it, and the velvet version was added. The overall feeling is really great!

Charlesu0026Keith velvet bag

This year's ckCHARLESu0026KEITH's velvet is really going to be beautiful. The little ck is really a very amazing brand. It will also refer to the big brands to produce new bags, but each new bag has its own beautiful design. update, so although it is not genuine leather, it can be loved by many young women. The key is that its designer is a conscientious designer, not an irresponsible plagiarism of a big name, it is based on a big name. Its own unique design, and the most amazing thing is that although it is not leather, the quality of its bags is also leveraged, and the hardware is also leveraged, so today I passed by its home and went in for a stroll. As a result, I was covered by this green velvet. The bucket bag was shocked. Under the light, it was so beautiful. The unique light sensation of velvet lit up my purchase.

How to choose a bag

Bag and face shape

For a face shape with a strong three-dimensional face and high cheekbones, you can choose bright stripes and neutral Metal style personalized styles; while those with small features and round faces are suitable for sweet and cute bags with more shiny embellishments.  

Bag and chest  

When the bag is clamped under the armpit, you can only see its thickness when viewed from the front. Therefore, MMs with a full chest and a thicker waist should choose a thin and slender rectangular bag; MMs with a flat chest and thin body should choose a triangular bag with a thickness on the side to make the upper circumference slightly plump .

Bags and heights

Different heights must be matched with bags of different sizes, but how to choose so that it is not cumbersome? If the height is more than 165 cm, try to choose the full length Approximately 60 cm, it can be put in a magazine-sized bag vertically; if the height is less than 158 cm, you should choose a bag with a total length of about 50 cm, which can be put in a magazine-sized bag horizontally, and lengthen your body proportions.

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