Is the Panini bag made of leather-stretch angels what material is the Panini bag?

by:JIYALI     2021-06-28

The stretch angels panini bag is made of pu leather, not real leather. In addition, it also has some panini bags made of laser materials. The texture is very good, and it is a good leather at this price.

Is the Korean panini bag made of leather?

The Korean stretch angels panini bag is made of leather, but it is not real leather, but synthetic leather, that is, pu leather.

STRETCHANGELS is a Korean brand that many celebrities have picked this year. I saw this Panini bag when I traveled to Korea before. I loved it at a glance, and I liked the simple style. Letter-printed canvas strap, very positive red, light up the whole look. The strap is adjustable, I prefer to shorten it, so that the cross-back is cool. The double-layer bag makes it easy to place things.

What is the material of Korean panini bags?

Stretch angels panini bags are made of pu leather. There are two types: ordinary pu leather and laser leather.

Dating to cut men’s bags is none other than Panini. The jelly tone and the refraction effect can make the fairies more blingbling no matter how you wear it, especially this laser silver, which comes with a lighting effect. Memorizing it by heart is dazzling and lovely in itself. The most important thing is that this silver is perfectly matched, no matter what the color is, it can be easily held, and it even comes with its own beauty bonus buff. Let your brother notice from the other side of the street that your own sunshine is shining.

Stretch Angels Store Introduction

The settings in the STRETCH ANGELS store are all about air travel, and present different settings and colorful furniture to capture themes, but there are also some whimsical elements into it . The center stage is a huge planter, shaped like a conveyor belt and characteristic of artificial tropical plants. The check-in counter acts as a cash register. On the right, you can see a very interesting cabin setting. It has a background of the fuselage design and is also displayed on the front of the store, which is filled with man-made emergency exit doors. .

Decorative lighting plays a key role in interior design and is captured by backlight design elements, which are suspended lighting symbols parallel to the back wall. The last point is that it runs in a graphic pattern along the ceiling. Tube light. At the back of the store, near the stairs, an honor trophy and track and field signs hint at what will be found upstairs. On the first floor, the tourism theme is integrated with the sports elements that reflect daily life. Everything is displayed in the same colorful furniture environment, including the Pilates area covered with fluffy red velvet and the artificial swimming pool. The StretchAngels flagship store carries the brand's full range of clothing, bags, bags and accessories.

How to clean Panini bags

Method 1: Baking soda and washing powder

1. Stir the baking soda and washing powder in a small In the container.

2, soak the towel in the prepared solution for 20 minutes.

3. After 20 minutes, simply scrub with your hands and rinse with water.

Method 2: Toothpaste washing

1. Wet the towel, and then brush a layer of toothpaste on it.

2. Let it dry for about 3 minutes after brushing the toothpaste.

3. Put it in water and scrub it. If it is dirty, add some detergent.

4. Rinse a few more times, knowing that the water does not change color after washing, and there is no foam on the water.

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