Is the casual canvas bag practical? The casual canvas bag is practical to wear everyday

by:JIYALI     2021-07-08

Canvas bags have always been more popular. Canvas bags can be matched with different styles, and canvas bags are not as easily damaged as leather bags. They are also more convenient to wash. There is absolutely no problem with daily matching.

Is the casual canvas bag practical?

The canvas bag is made of burlap. It is excellent in practicability and durability. It is strong, durable and large in capacity. Some large canvas bags can even hold notebooks computer. There is no need to worry about quality. The student party can wrap textbooks in canvas to go to class. As long as they are used properly, it will not be a problem to memorize them for a few years. It can be said to be super durable.

The casual canvas bag is practical to wear everyday

1. If it is a daily trip, you can consider wearing a blue and white vertical striped shirt on the upper body and wearing light khaki shorts or A short skirt, coupled with a beige one-shoulder canvas bag with drawstring, looks very refreshing.

2. If you are a girl who likes the style of notation, you can wear a pure white basic T-shirt on top and straight jeans on the bottom, and then match a shoulder bag or backpack with a notation design. Because white basic T-shirts and jeans are also very versatile items, when choosing a casual canvas bag, as long as you avoid some very difficult to match colors, you can generally match the numbered musical notation without making mistakes.

How to maintain the canvas bag

1. Washing: Add a small amount of laundry detergent or soap powder to the clean water and gently rub it. If there are stubborn stains, you can gently scrub with a soft brush. Avoid prolonged soaking, and try to avoid getting water on the leather part.

2. Drying: When drying, please turn the bag inside to the outside and hang upside down to dry, which will help maintain the original shape of the bag. Avoid direct sunlight, air-drying or drying in the shade is ideal.

3. Storage: When not in use for a long time, please store it in a cool and dry place, avoid heavy pressure, to avoid moisture or bending deformation.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of canvas bags?

Advantages of canvas bags: strong and durable, versatile, with any clothing matching, DIY, diverse, fashionable, and large in capacity.

Disadvantages of canvas bag: not waterproof, not resistant to dirt, easy to be deformed, yellowed, and faded after washing.

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