Is the American Bison bag a big brand? What grade is it? Which country's brand is it?

by:JIYALI     2021-07-19

The American bison bag is a bag that focuses on men's styles, and it is mainly aimed at business men, with a relatively high-end positioning. So, is the American bison bag a big brand? What grade is the American bison bag?

Is the American bison bag a big brand?

The American bison brand luggage is a Hong Kong Pepsi Ruyi Global Development Co., Ltd. In 2002, it authorized Guangzhou Baisheng Clothing Co., Ltd. to integrate Ru0026D, production and sales. The American bison men's bag will accompany you on the move, free and optimal without any disadvantages. Thank you for your continued support and love.

Brand Concept

The American Bison brand is committed to interpreting the top elegance of business men and the meticulous life philosophy of life. Under the new economic situation, the male renewed heart said 'I have a pursuit of life, and I have requirements for my work'. The high-quality, high-standard and high-taste life philosophy is my pursuit as always.

Brand positioning

The American bison is relying on its high positioning, high quality, high demand, and a group of loyal fans to jointly create a unique identity in the field of business and leisure luggage. You who choose the American bison men's bag are all extraordinary people with 'expectations of self and pursuit of life'.

Netizens' opinion

It's okay, the style is trendy, the finished product has been fully inspected, and I heard that the quality requirements of the American bison brand are very strict. As long as you choose your favorite shoulder bag men's bag style in the online American bison flagship store, there should be no problems with other things! The Bison’s online store often does some promotional activities on some holidays. When I bought this men's shoulder bag, it happened to be in time for the year-end sales. The price is very reasonable. great! I took a look at the small freshness of American bison shoulder bag men’s bags, including rock, ethnic, small fresh, college, retro, sports, fashion trends, Japanese and Korean, European and American fashion, business, OL, look at them. If you like this brand of shoulder bag men's bags, I can recommend a place for you: the authentic flagship store of American Bison. Her shoulder bag men's bags are very good in terms of style design and quality! I helped you find some pictures of men's shoulder bags, all of them are American Bison, and see if there are any ones you like.

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