Is Tang Li Baiqi a luxury? Which of Tang Li Baiqi's bags looks good?

by:JIYALI     2021-06-23

For Tang Li Baiqi, everyone may not be very familiar with this brand. Tang Li Baiqi's bags are still good, so is Tang Li Baiqi a luxury item? Which kind of Tang Li Baiqi bag looks good?

Is Tang Li Boqi a luxury?

Tang Li Boqi is not actually a relatively large luxury, but it can be regarded as a light luxury. The price/performance ratio is still ok, mainly because the tory burch bag still has a certain status in the hearts of the public, mainly because tory burch is a practical and feasible fashion lifestyle brand. So in general, there is a brand that many friends will buy when there is a new product.

Which bag of Tang Li Boqi looks good?

1, tory burch ella nylon handbag

This bag is a very popular one in the past, mainly The crowd has a wide choice, and this bag is more practical. For example, you can put a lot of things when you travel, and you can make a computer bag when you go to work or go shopping for food. Isn’t it very fashionable

2, tory burch york tote

This bag is a classic Tory Burch. The style is very elegant, and it is perfect for embellishment with an exquisite logo. It is made of the most durable cross-grain cowhide, with first-class texture and full resistance to abrasion. The most important thing is that the capacity is super large, and it can be used as a commuter bag to hold everything.

3, tory burch kira

The above two items belong to the big bag, and this one is a small bag. May be more inclined to the style of celebrities. The style is very simple and elegant. It is very comfortable whether it is slanted or single-shouldered. It is very suitable for carrying it when shopping or dating.

Which country is Tang Li Boqi from?

Tong Li Boqi is an American brand. Many people may not have heard of it. Even if they have heard it, they may not understand it. In fact, it is more fashionable and casual, and it is also a light luxury brand. Although the grade is not very high, it also belongs to the second-tier luxury brand in the United States. The brand was established in February 2004. So far, ToryBurch's products have been sold in 84 independent store boutiques across the United States, Europe and Asia, toryburch website, and more than 1,000 selected shopping malls and specialty stores around the world.

How to take care of Tang Liboqi's bag

The maintenance of the bag is actually very simple. As long as you are careful to scratch at ordinary times to avoid such marks, you must pay attention to whether it can’t Exposed to the sun. You can wipe it with a damp towel in normal times. Because leather babies are more likely to have a gray layer, this one is clean. If you want to keep the bag like new, you can only protect it at ordinary times, and you can put it in an anti-layer bag when you don’t carry it. , It would be better in this case.

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