Is it so difficult to find a manufacturer of high-end ladies' bags?

by:JIYALI     2021-05-21
It is more difficult to find high-end ladies bag manufacturers for people who do not understand. First, it is difficult to have no experience in contact with any related leather products. Secondly, it is difficult to find manufacturers and customers who do not understand the processing process, which leads to communication between salespersons and customers. More strenuous.

The rookie just came into contact with the purchasing area and is responsible for customizing women’s bags. First of all, you have to determine what price and style you are making, whether it is imitation or your own brand, and then you start to screen bag manufacturers and prescribe the right medicine. It will not be blinded by both eyes. There are many manufacturers of ladies' bags, and ordering is nothing more than selecting samples, making patterns, negotiating prices, and producing. If your order quantity is not too small, you can find a manufacturer with a larger scale. Such a factory is more standardized and will not be prone to various problems in the later period.

Share the key points of the ladies' bag manufacturers:

1. Field inspection to determine whether the manufacturer has its own independent production workshop and version room.

2. The size of the entire factory and the number of employees.

3. Does the factory have independent Ru0026D capabilities (more useful for brand customers).

4. Have you cooperated with well-known brands during the entire development process (testing the overall workmanship of the factory).

Generally, women's bag manufacturers who meet the above conditions are not far behind. So watch and observe, it is not difficult to find a professional handbag factory.

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