Is it better to have soft leather or hard leather? Wallet leather soft and hard contrast

by:JIYALI     2021-07-12

The leather of the wallet is still very important in the process of use. The quality of the leather directly affects the life of the wallet, so we should pay special attention when purchasing. The following editor on No.5 will tell you whether the wallet is soft leather or hard leather?

Whether the wallet is soft leather or hard leather

Hard leather: The leather is not a good top layer leather, and the surface is shaped with a plastic, so it is very hard, well shaped, wear-resistant, and slightly waterproof. Disadvantages creases, because the leather is relatively hard, so the oil can not be absorbed well at the beginning, that is to say, it has no effect on the hard leather.

Soft leather: It should be nappa leather. This leather processing method should be popular in Korea and is generally used to make handbags. The material is very soft, softer than ordinary tanned leather, and not as wear-resistant!

How do you look at the quality of the wallet leather

One smell: I want to tell you all, all Genuine leather bags will have the smell of leather and dyes, of course, there are exceptions, but there can only be two cases, one is which bag is not genuine leather, and the other is that the leather of the bag is super good. Dyes are also imported.

Second look: The skin itself will have small holes, just like our own skin, there will be very small holes, you can still see it if you look carefully, and artificial leather is Without these small pores.

Three touches: Leather itself is tough and elastic, especially cowhide. Tenacity and elasticity are not even mentioned, so when you get a leather bag, you must be careful If you touch it, you will find that the bag is very elastic and smooth to the touch, which means that the bag is made of real leather, while artificial leather does not have such toughness and elasticity.

How to buy wallets

(1) Wallets are commonly used, so the highest principle of practicality is naturally. When choosing a wallet, regardless of style, quality, brand, and card Whether the number of layers is large enough, the internal spacing, etc., should be the focus of consideration.

(2) Compared with a simple coin purse, a style that integrates a key case and a coin purse is more suitable for you who are more practical. It is also suitable for storing small items such as keys and coins. The capable image of modern women.

(3) Men's wallets are mainly made of dark leather materials, and the style is simple and generous! If you are a man with a bag, you can choose a rectangular wallet, if you carry it in your trouser pocket You can choose a wallet with money sideways! Don’t choose too expensive and too wasteful, and don’t buy too cheap to get the money.

(4) The metal parts of wallets, such as pull tabs, clasps, key hooks, etc., must be gilded in good condition. Generally speaking, copper products are less likely to rust and fade. Pay attention to whether the seams of the wallet are tight, but note that if it is too tight, the entire leather surface will be pulled too tightly, causing the wallet to rupture. Pay attention to whether there are too many seams on the leather surface. If there are too many seams, it means that it is made of multiple different pieces of leather. Therefore, a good wallet should avoid too many seams.

How to maintain the wallet

1. Do not expose to direct sunlight to prevent the leather wallet grease from drying out and the leather becoming hard and brittle.

2. After the wallet is exposed to the rain, it should be wiped dry in time and placed in a ventilated place to dry to prevent mildew.

3. Can not be placed in strong acid or alkali to prevent corrosion.

4. If the leather wallet is worn, you can apply a non-greasy colorless leather care cream, let it penetrate slowly, and then polish it with a clean soft cloth, which can not only prevent the leather from drying out , It can also make the leather reproduce its beautiful luster.

5. If the wallet is stained, you can use a sponge dipped in mild soap or white wine to clean it up, then wipe it off with water and let it dry naturally.

6. When there are ballpoint pen marks on the wallet, you can use leather care agent, milk cleaning, oily cream or egg white to wipe, which can remove pen marks and make the leather surface bright as before.

7. There are small cracks and flakes on the surface of the wallet, you can use egg clear ink, and the color leather can be painted with the corresponding watercolor paint. After it is dry, apply a leather coat polish or Vaseline.

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