Is it better to have a large wallet or a small one? How to choose wallet size

by:JIYALI     2021-07-14

The size of the wallet is actually very important in the process of use. When choosing, you must choose the size that is more suitable for you in accordance with your usual situation. The following editor on No.5 will tell you whether the wallet is big or small?

Whether the wallet is big or small

Wallet is the most important small bag in our daily life. It not only suits our own identity, but also reflects our own personality. The appropriate wallet style can better reflect your fashion index.

There are many different sizes of wallets. You should choose a wallet of the right size according to your purpose. If you carry it with you, you can buy a small wallet. For example, a square one is easier to use, and it fits in your pocket; if you want Put some data files, etc., you can buy a larger shoulder bag, or carry a bag; if you need to hold a lot of cards, try to buy a multi-layer wallet.

Suggestions for Purchasing Wallets

Try to choose branded wallets.

The branded wallets are not only of good quality, strong and durable, but also have good after-sales service. The wallets can be cleaned and oiled regularly. Although the price is more expensive, but the editor still thinks the brand is good.

Only buy the right ones, not the expensive ones.

When buying wallets, I often go to the brand stores in major shopping malls. Whenever I find discounts and promotions, I will pay attention to them. It is much cheaper than usual. You may wish to read more about the discounts. , The quality of the wallet is the same, so you can save a lot of money if you discount it.

Choose a wallet with the right leather material.

Currently, wallets are generally made of pure leather, patent leather, leather, etc. You must pay attention to the leather when purchasing. Generally, the leather is more expensive, but the leather is good, and it will not peel after a long time of use. For fading, it is better to choose the first layer of cowhide; the patent leather is brighter and better-looking; the leather is cheaper, but it will peel after a long time of use, so it is not recommended to buy.

What to do if the wallet is dirty

1, because the leather is composed of protein, the preservation of the leather must first consider mothproof and moisture-proof. In order to prevent moths, it must be cleaned, thoroughly air-dried, and completely cooled. Leather wallets must be hung when stored, not foldable, and not to be pressed underneath by other clothing. You can use a clip to clamp a small corner of the wallet and hang it to dry.

2. Regarding cleaning, do not wash more or iron. It is not easy to be exposed to the sun. If it feels dusty, wipe it with a soft, non-additive wet tissue. Then, put it in a ventilated place, and let it cool and dry slowly.

3, toothpaste is also a very effective cleaning agent. Apply a little toothpaste to the dirty area, wipe it with a soft dry cloth, and then wipe it with a damp cloth. 'Stubborn stains' are very effective.

Wallet maintenance method

Generally speaking, a mild soap solution is sufficient for daily cleaning and maintenance (it is enough to moisten the cloth with a rag and then wipe it. Do not soak the leather in water. Cleaning). Leather cleaners found on the market are also very effective and contain lubricants to maintain the softness of the leather itself. Stubborn dirt may need to be dealt with with mild detergents or professional cleaning.

If the leather is abraded, you can apply a non-greasy, colorless leather care cream, let it penetrate slowly, and then polish it with a clean and soft cloth to make the leather regain its bright luster. It can also prevent the leather from drying out.

Try not to let the leather products come into contact with the sun or close to any heater, otherwise the leather will become more and more dry, and the elasticity and softness of the leather will gradually disappear.

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