Is Crazy Horse Skin a horse skin? Retro style blowing in the air

by:JIYALI     2021-07-24

Crazy horse leather is one of the more materials used on leather bags nowadays. Many people buy it without knowing what it is when they buy it. The following editor on No.5 will tell you that Crazy Horse Skin is a horse skin?

Is Crazy Horse Leather Horse Leather

Crazy Horse Leather is not horse hide. The raw material of Crazy Horse Leather is cowhide, which is obtained by processing cowhide.

The Crazy Horse Pi is obviously made of cowhide, why is it called a Crazy Horse? There are generally two ways of saying it. A more realistic view is that you can see the clues from the name of Crazy Horse skin in mainland China-oil-soaked skin. Crazy horse skin is made from traditional first-layer cowhide embryos and crazy horse oil. (And the crazy horse oil here is not the oil extracted from the crazy horse, but a chemical reagent used to improve the surface texture of the cowhide.) A more literary statement is that the crazy horse leather products have special scratches. But as time goes by, it will become brighter and brighter when used; it will change color when it is touched and bent with the hand, and then change back to its original shape after a short while, just like a crazy horse going out and running back.

Why is Crazy Horse Leather Rare?

Crazy Horse Leather is an abbreviation of a leather-making process. It is called Crazy Leather in Taiwan and oil-impregnated leather in Mainland China. The hand feels smooth, and the skin will change color when pushed by hand. According to the material, it can be divided into mad cow leather and mad cow PU. However, due to the shortcomings of this leather making process, such as a long time-consuming process, relatively few raw materials, and high cost, Crazy Horse leather is only common in the middle and high-end leather market. Because of the high cost of business use, it is a high-end handmade product, the market is small, and there are occasional personal hobbies.

The experience of using Crazy Horse leather

Thousands of choices start with a hand-made Crazy Horse leather account, the same portable version of Nicholas Tse in the twelve ways, the leather is delicate and soft , The size is suitable for carrying with the bag, it is more suitable to test the thickness of the inner pages of two or three books. The characteristic of Crazy Horse Skin is that it will leave traces when making a discount, and every hand account will leave a unique memory after being used. I don't want to be like a handyman who can do something as a work of art, but I just want to earnestly record the impression of seeing the vast sky and the sky with my beloved person every time.

Ah, I smelled a breath of literary youth, the cover of Crazy Horse skin, the loose leaf inside can be replaced as needed, including the pendant on the bookmarklet, I can’t change it at will. Add a price tag, who will teach it. . . Crazy horse skin is really irresistible to a literary girl like me, love is miserable.

This backpack is made of Crazy Horse leather. The working bag has a large capacity, full leather, and the longer the Crazy Horse leather back, the better the fart color will look, and the years will settle down. Haha is very literary and retro, I recommend it to everyone.

How to distinguish different types of leather

The types of leather are different, and their characteristics and uses are also different. For example, cow leather has fine surface and high strength, which is most suitable for making leather shoes; sheep leather is light, thin and soft, which is an ideal fabric for leather clothing; pig leather has good air permeability and water vapor permeability. Pig leather: The pores on the surface of the leather are round and thick, and they extend into the leather more obliquely. The pores are arranged in groups of three, and the leather surface presents many small triangle patterns.

Cattle leather: Both yellow cattle leather and buffalo leather are called cattle leather, but there are certain differences between the two. The pores on the surface of the scalper leather are round and extend straight into the leather. The pores are tight and uniform, and the arrangement is irregular, like a starry sky. The pores on the surface of buffalo leather are larger than that of yellow cattle leather, and the number of pores is less than that of yellow cattle leather. The leather texture is looser, not as fine and plump as yellow cattle leather.

Horse leather: The hair on the leather surface is also oval, slightly larger than the scalper leather pores, and the arrangement is more regular.

Sheep leather: The pores on the grain surface of the leather are oblate, with clear pores. Several pieces form a group, arranged like fish scales.

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