Is Crazy Horse Leather the first layer of cowhide? Don't underestimate this leather

by:JIYALI     2021-07-25

Bags made of Crazy Horse skins are still very popular in China, especially for men’s bags. They are all designed to look great. Products made of Crazy Horse skins will have a very special feel. The editor of No.5 Net below tells you that Crazy Horse skin is the first layer of cowhide?

Is Crazy Horse skin a first-layer cowhide?

Crazy Horse skin generally refers to the leather after the second-layer cowhide is processed. Few merchants use the first-layer cowhide to process it.

Strictly speaking, Crazy Horse leather can refer to a leather-making process. The cowhide is thick and can be cut into two layers to reduce costs. The first layer of the belt has natural texture pores on the surface of the cowhide, so it can be processed into better-looking and more valuable leather goods. For the two-layer leather, the surface needs to be treated to increase the gloss and meet the needs of making leather goods.

So, in the domestic context, Crazy Horse leather is actually made of two-layer cowhide, and the exterior is treated with synthetic materials to form a leather-like effect, but it can actually be seen. It is very clear that it is not cow skin at all, and the texture is completely wrong. This kind of leather can be regarded as genuine leather. The standard name is cow split layered film leather (other textures can also be processed under this method, but the overall process classification is the same). The question here is whether the surface treatment is not It is environmentally friendly or healthy, and consumers will not be able to find out in this link.

In addition, if it is really the first layer of cowhide, then it will be used to make Crazy Horse skin. The result is that after adding a craftsmanship, the price will be reduced. No one will do this stupid thing. Some big brands have their own leather making process, which will treat the surface of the first layer of cowhide to form special patterns such as cross patterns, but these leather making processes are well documented and basically use the first layer of cowhide. It is true that almost no big names take the initiative to process the first layer of cowhide into Crazy Horse skin.

What is Crazy Horse Leather

Crazy Horse Leather is a leather style with frosted surface and double color effect of oil and wax. And this style treatment is post-treatment, so it can be vegetable tanned crazy horse or chrome tanned crazy horse. Generally cowhide, cattle and buffalo are common. You can also use sheepskin or other animal leather to make Crazy Horse leather. Crazy Horse is just a leather style name. (Style is an attribute of leather, common styles: natural fall, embossing, filming, frosting, etc.... The description of a piece of leather generally has style, thickness, color, animal name, depending on the actual situation Other attributes will be added, such as: origin, chrome tanned or vegetable tanned, etc...) For example: 1.6-1.8mm black natural chrome tanned cowhide. So, simply ask 'What kind of leather is Crazy Horse?'What kind of leather is red leather?' It means. The question asked is wrong! The name Crazy Horse Leather comes from the English Crazy Horseleather, literally translated as Crazy Horse Leather. In fact, Crazy Horse is a person's name, a leader of North American Indians. Seeing Crazy Horse skin will naturally remind people of West North America, cowboys, etc., because this style was first tanned and used by Indians. The name Crazy Horseleather also commemorates the leader of Crazy Horse.

Common uses of Crazy Horse Leather


Because of its water resistance and flexibility, Crazy Horse Leather was first used to make beach shoes; More used to make all kinds of boots. For example, men's Martin boots and tooling boots often use the 'crazy horse leather' craftsmanship. Men who like to wear high-top leather boots must have such troubles. When going up the stairs or squatting down, the uppers will wrinkle at the ankles, which will leave unsightly creases in the long run; while wearing Crazy Horse shoes will form The natural shades change color and no longer look embarrassing. This kind of discoloration of Crazy Horse leather has a more professional name-'Pull-UpThe aesthetics of Europeans and Americans.

Two. Bags

In addition to making all kinds of leather boots, Crazy Horse skins are now more used in making all kinds of leather bags. Crazy horse leather is a kind of chrome tanned leather. Traditional chrome tanned leather is thinner, but Crazy Horse leather is thicker. This is one of its characteristics. Therefore, Crazy Horse leather is more suitable for making leather bags, and because of the oil immersion, Crazy Horse leather bags will become more shiny as the years go by. It can be said that it is a bag that adds more texture as the years go by. Because of the craftsmanship, the surface texture of Crazy Horse leather looks to be between frosted leather and fine suede leather. The color of different shades has a rough taste, and it is also wild when it is made into a bag. With such a bag on your back, the whole person will be more tough.

How to identify genuine leather

Hand touch: Touch the leather surface with your hands. If it feels smooth, soft, plump, and elastic, it is genuine leather; while the surface of general artificial synthetic leather is astringent , Rigid, poor flexibility.

Seeing: The real leather has clear pores and patterns, yellow cowhide has relatively well-proportioned fine pores, yak skin has thicker and sparse pores, and goat skin has scaly pores.

Smell: All genuine leather has the smell of leather; and artificial leather has a strong irritating plastic smell.

Ignite: Tear off a little fiber from the back of real leather and artificial leather. After lighting, all that emits a pungent odor and lumps are artificial leather; all that emits a hair odor without hard lumps are genuine leather.

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