Is Crazy Horse Leather Real? Magic leather that can repair itself

by:JIYALI     2021-07-25

Crazy horse leather is a very common material in leather products. I believe many people have heard of it, but they have never figured out what it is. The following editor on No.5 will tell you that Crazy Horse leather is real leather?

Is Crazy Horse leather genuine leather?

Crazy Horse leather cannot be regarded as genuine leather. It is basically artificial leather and is processed with two-layer cowhide.

In the domestic context, Crazy Horse leather is actually made of two-layer cowhide, and the exterior is treated with synthetic materials to form a leather-like effect, but in fact, it can be seen very clearly. , It is not cow skin at all, and the texture is completely wrong. This kind of leather can be counted as genuine leather, but it cannot be strictly counted as genuine leather on foreign websites. The standard is called cow split layered film leather (other textures can also be processed under this method, but the overall process classification is the same), the question here is whether the surface treatment is environmentally friendly or healthy. This link Consumers will not be able to find out.

What is Crazy Horse Leather

The name Crazy Horse Leather comes from the English Crazy Horse Leather, which is literally translated as Crazy Horse Leather. In fact, Crazy Horse is a person's name, a leader of North American Indians. Seeing Crazy Horse skin will naturally remind people of West North America, cowboys, etc., because this style was first tanned and used by Indians. The name Crazy Horseleather also commemorates the leader of Crazy Horse.

Crazy horse leather is a leather style with a frosted surface and a double-color effect of oil and wax. And this style treatment is post-treatment, so it can be vegetable tanned crazy horse or chrome tanned crazy horse. Generally cowhide, cattle and buffalo are common. You can also use sheepskin or other animal leather to make Crazy Horse leather. Crazy Horse is just a leather style name. Style is an attribute of leather. Common styles: natural fall, embossing, filming, frosting, etc.... The description of a piece of leather generally has style, thickness, color, animal name, and it depends on the actual situation. Other attributes will be added, such as: origin, chrome tanning or vegetable tanning, etc.

How about Crazy Horse leather products

Dr.martin Martin boots are cool, these pairs on my feet are the first layer of soft cowhide, and the first layer of hard cowhide~Crazy horse leather. ~ It's really versatile~ Skirts, sweaters, bare leg socks are all OK~ Wearing a couple with your boyfriend can be said to be perfect~ The price is invincible.

Come, come, plant a grass! Crazy Horse leather pockets. Not long after I started with the account pit, I happened to be going out for a few days, so I decided to start with the TN account. Midori should be a classic brand for travel accounts. Crazy horse leather with rough lines and textures has a strong retro atmosphere! Hobo's small and fresh accounts made me almost click the payment button, but I resisted it. For the sake of high pressure and fake literature and art, I resolutely chose Crazy Horse Skin. The price is not cheap, because I didn't intend to make it cheap...the texture of the leather is really important. I like the closing method of leather rope winding. It is simply too sensible. Every time I finish writing, I close my account and tie my notebook tightly with leather rope. I feel like a medieval European writer hahahaha.

Leather common classification

By purpose

Life leather, national defense leather, industrial and agricultural leather, cultural and sporting goods leather;

According to the tanning method

Chrome tanned leather, vegetable tanned leather, oil tanned leather, aldehyde tanned leather and combined tanned leather. In addition, it can be divided into light leather and heavy leather. Generally used for shoe uppers, clothing, gloves, etc., called light leather, measured by area; thicker animal skins are tanned by vegetable tanning agents or combined, and used for leather shoes inner and outer soles, industrial accessories, etc. For heavy leather, it is measured by weight.

According to animal species

There are mainly pig leather, cow leather, sheep leather, horse leather, donkey leather and kangaroo leather, etc., and a small amount of fish leather, reptile leather, Amphibian leather, ostrich leather, etc. Among them, cow leather is divided into scalper leather, buffalo leather, yak leather and yak leather; sheep leather is divided into sheep leather and goat leather. Among the main types of leather, cattle leather and sheep leather have a flat and thin surface, small hairs, fine and tight internal structure, good plumpness and elasticity, and good physical properties. Therefore, high-quality cattle leather and sheep leather are generally used as leather materials for high-end products, and their prices are the higher category of bulk leather.

According to level

There are first layer leather and second layer leather, among which the first layer leather includes full-grain leather and trimmed leather; the second layer leather also has pig second layer leather and cow two Layer leather and so on.

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