Is Crazy Horse Leather Faux Leather? The favorite of literary youth

by:JIYALI     2021-07-25

Crazy horse leather is a kind of leather that many young people like very much now. Products made of this kind of leather reveal a strong retro atmosphere, especially in artistic style. The following editor on No.5 will tell you whether Crazy Horse leather is artificial leather?

Is Crazy Horse Leather Artificial Leather

The definition of Crazy Horse Leather is not strictly classified. Some people think it is genuine leather, while others think it is artificial leather. In fact, Crazy Horse leather is made of cowhide. Processed through a series of manual methods.

I believe that many people who hear this term for the first time are as stunned as I am: I knew you loved to use all kinds of animal leather to make shoes and bags, and now you are so crazy that you don’t even put horses. It’s too late? Some people will also wonder: It’s okay to use horse skins, why use Crazy Horse skins? Is there any difference in using Crazy Horse skins? Will this kind of leather utensils carry 'crazy' DiseaseCrazy horse is not a horse, but it is actually cowhide! Crazy horse skin is made from traditional first-layer cowhide embryos and crazy horse oil.

Crazy horse skin maintenance method

Use colorless care cleaning cream and leather cleaner, wipe it on a clean cloth, and wipe a small amount evenly on the leather surface. It is breathable like the skin, although it has a certain degree of water resistance, it should be avoided as much as possible, and it should be wiped dry immediately if it gets wet.

Glossy oil-impregnated leather

The oily leather during the manufacturing process makes it soft, wrinkle-resistant, and waterproof.

Frosted oil-impregnated leather

Frosted oil-impregnated leather also has the characteristics of smooth oil-impregnated leather, which is particularly comfortable.

How is the crazy horse leather feel?

The legendary Crazy Horse with its own oily feel lifted the flag and carried the gun. It is a veritable old gun. Because of the delicate hand feeling and good discoloration effect, after using for a period of time, after years of baptism, the whole piece of leather has become a historically deposited retro taste texture, and it becomes brighter and darker, forming your unique look. Memories and stories. Good cowhide can produce the effect of 'padding

A must-have for literary youth ~ a small tool for recording life. Maybe because of too much emotion recently, I suddenly wanted to record my life, so I bought the Crazy Horse leather account book in Figure 1. Things will pass and time will go away. Keep it as a souvenir! The stamps and ornaments posted by myself~ feel great! Picture two is the fountain pen curtain, mainly to buy Lingmei, five plus one pattern, the workmanship is very delicate, I don’t like old-fashioned embroidery, this is just what I want~ Lingmei’s pen is really fond of it, smooth and easy to write. However, the ink absorber is thicker than the ink cartridge. Waiting for my hunter's limited oil blue ash EF, I entered another big pit.

The definition of artificial leather

Artificial leather is also called imitation leather or rubber, which is the general term for artificial materials such as PVC and PU. It is made on a woven fabric base or a non-woven fabric base by foaming or laminating various formulas of PVC and PU. It can be made according to different strength, abrasion resistance, cold resistance, color, gloss, and pattern. Patterns and other requirements are processed and made, with the characteristics of a wide variety of patterns, good waterproof performance, neat edges, high utilization rate and relatively low price compared to real leather. Artificial leather is a very popular type of material, which is commonly used to make various leather products, or to replace some of the genuine leather materials. Its increasingly advanced production technology is being widely used in the processing and production of two-layer leather. Nowadays, artificial leather with characteristics similar to real leather has been produced. Its surface technology and fibrous structure of the base material can almost achieve the effect of real leather, and its price is comparable to that of domestic top layer leather.

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