Is Bulgari Snake Head Bag okay? How to distinguish between true and false Bulgari Snake Head Bag

by:JIYALI     2021-06-30

Bvlgari has always been a relatively popular brand. There are many different styles of Bulgari bags. How about Bulgari snake head bags? How to distinguish between true and false Bulgari snake head bags? Let's see.

How about the Bulgari Snake Head Bag

I personally think that white is the best looking and best matching color in the Snake Head Bag, followed by red. The most popular green is a bit mature and not suitable for student parties. There are many gifts for this bag, including a small mirror, a raincoat, a global warranty card, two care wipes, a maintenance guide, a chain storage bag, and a bag storage bag. Thinking of matching a silk scarf, I didn't expect it to be a perfect match with the Lv headband. The little fairies can refer to it. The snake head bag is really delicate, but the leather is delicate and easy to scratch, so avoid scratching when using it. Compared with other classic snake head bags, this time uses the current very hot quilting process, light gold plated brass and black and white enamel charming snake head buckle, light gold plated thick chain, suitable for daily use.

How to distinguish between true and false Bulgari snake head bag

1, bag type and leather

The shape of the bag, some poorly made high imitations will be It is square, and the original is short on the top and wide on the bottom. The authentic snake head bag is made of calfskin. The cutting and sewing are very neat. The outer layer is soft to the touch and the leather is very elastic, but it will not dent. The imitations will choose some inferior leather materials to make, which are uncomfortable to the touch, and may be hard, and the cutting and sewing are messy.

2. Hardware

In fact, for the identification of luxury bags, hardware is a very important identification point. Many imitations of bag hardware will be made cheaper. Note that the authentic ones in A are relatively neat, while the imitation ones are rough. Pay attention to the G letter and the depth of the letter. Look at the transparency of the genuine beads, and the metal ring is relatively flat and highly reflective.

3. Snake head

This is often the most important. The authentic snake head is made of enamel, and the eyes are inlaid with malachite or natural agate. The proportion of the head is very symmetrical and the snake eye is decorated. Malachite, which is also the easiest place to identify the true and false, the natural malachite used in snake eyes is full, smooth and translucent. (Because it is natural malachite, it is normal that the lines of the left and right eyes of the snake are not exactly the same), and the other is the metal on the head of the snake. Let's take a look at the picture for yourself.

4. Hot stamping logo

The hot stamping of the authentic snake head bag is also worth noting. Although Bulgari is not like LV, you can see the true and false from a single glance. , But its English logo hot stamping is very clear, and the space between the letters is consistent, the texture is very high-quality, and the other thing is that the genuine leather label is concave and convex. The imitation is flat and the English letters are not clear, and the leather label has no concave and convex three-dimensional effect.

Which country’s brand is Bulgari?

It is a luxury brand from Italy. -Bvlgari, born more than 140 years ago, is known for its bold design and unique style. It has been enthusiastically sought after by celebrities from all over the world, and has been favored by royal families and movie stars. The Bulgari family originated from Greece and was deeply influenced by the classic Greek tradition, but it was carried forward under the influence of Roman culture. Inspired by the Greek and Roman civilizations, Bvlgari's design has seen unprecedented prosperity.

Tips for bag use

1. The habit of using the bag correctly can improve the durability of the bag.

2, please keep the bag dry, if the bag gets wet or damp, it may cause deformation;

3, do not load the bag too heavy, which may cause wrinkles Or deformation, cracking and damage;

4. If the fabric hardware is scratched and cannot be repaired, please avoid contact with chemicals or scratches;

5. Do not put the glossy (patent leather) bag Put it into the plastic bag to avoid adhesion;

6. Bags of different colors should not be kept close together for a long time to avoid staining.

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