Is a long wallet better or a short wallet? The difference between long and short wallets

by:JIYALI     2021-07-13

The most obvious difference between wallet styles is the long style and the short style. Many people are also entangled when buying. Different styles still have a certain gap in function. The following editor on No.5 will tell you whether a long wallet is better or a short wallet?

Whether a long wallet is better or a short wallet

Both long wallets and short wallets have their own advantages. If you like long styles, you will say that long styles look good. If you like short styles, you will say that short styles are good-looking, and I feel that they are the best looking ones that suit me.

The advantage of a long wallet is that it looks good, looks more formal, and can hold a whole bill. But the disadvantage is that the long model is inconvenient to carry and bulky.

The advantage of the short wallet is that it is more casual, and the short wallet is convenient to carry, but the disadvantage is that the banknotes are limited.

Comparison of common styles of wallets

According to their styles, wallets can be basically divided into medium-length wallets and short wallets; medium-long wallets have a rectangular shape and a longer length. If you have a lot of things and put your wallet in your bag, choose a medium and long bag. Compared with short wallets, medium and long wallets are also more atmospheric. Short wallets are short in length and width, generally close to a square. If you often pack money in your pockets, you should use a short wallet.

Long wallets

People usually use long wallets, which have many advantages: they can be loaded and money is not easy to break. The folk superstition is that discounting money will make money. 'Discount', but it's up to everyone to believe it.

Short wallet

The disadvantage of long wallet is that it takes up too much space. Especially small bags or mini bags are very popular this year, so you have to prepare a short wallet for yourself. When choosing a wallet, you must choose a deep-mouthed one. First, you can ensure that'money is not exposed', and secondly, the deep-mouthed wallet is more suitable for holding. When you put a lot of money, it will not be exposed like a shallow one.


In addition to the long wallet and the short wallet, there is also a'wallet that can be carried on your back': Wallet on Chain, or WOC for short. It can be used as a small bag, a purse, or a clutch. It is simple and convenient to carry on a date and go shopping.

Wallet selection method

1. Wallets can be divided into two types: long wallets and short wallets. In comparison between the two, long wallets seem to be more expensive than short wallets. The higher grade is more suitable for fashionable and avant-garde young people, while the short men's wallet is more convenient and easy to carry, and it is suitable for both young and mature men.

2. Choose according to the material of the wallet: If you want to say what material of the wallet looks noble and durable, you must count the wallet made of the first layer of cowhide.

3. Choose according to shallow practicability: Generally ordinary wallets can be used to store paper money and bank cards. With the continuous development of wallet style design, some practical wallets are more perfect in design. For example, there is also a special storage location for mobile phone cards and card slots, and a zipper design, which is more in line with the modern and capable image.

How to maintain the wallet

1. If you don't use it, keep it away from humidity, keep it in a dry place and keep it well ventilated.

2. If you accidentally get wet, wipe it with a softer cloth immediately. It is best not to leave a watermark or something, otherwise wrinkles may appear.

3. Don't put it in the sun, don't wash your wallet, and don't touch some corrosive substances.

4. When putting the wallet in the pocket, we'd better put some soft things, such as tissues, to keep the shape of the wallet.

5. If you don't use it for a long time, please don't use plastic bags when you keep it at home. This will damage the wallet and make the wallet dry and you will be hurt.

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