Introduction to the service process of wallet manufacturers

by:JIYALI     2021-05-08
JIYALI has nearly two decades of leather processing service experience, and its familiarity with leather processing flow is self-evident. The following describes the service process of wallet manufacturers.

1. The customer first finds the wallet manufacturer to inquire whether it can be customized. After the price is negotiated, the proofing will be carried out. Of course, a certain proofing fee will be charged for the proofing. After the order is placed, the sample fee can be used as the payment for the bulk product. of.

2. The general pattern-making cycle is about 7 days. After the customer receives the sample, we will confirm that it is correct and recognize our product quality and workmanship. The corresponding order quantity will be signed, the order requires a deposit of 30% of the industry standard, and then the factory arranges the production of bulk goods.

3. The cycle of bulk goods is generally about 15 days. After bulk goods production is completed, the customer will be notified to inspect the finished product and confirm that there is no problem in all aspects. The customer supports all the remaining balance, and the wallet manufacturer will arrange the logistics directly to the customer Place of receipt.

4. As for the after-sales acceptance process, each wallet manufacturer will have the same after-sales scope. JIYALI is guaranteed for 3 months. Any problems within 3 months will be unconditionally arranged by the factory Rework. Let customers not have to worry about after-sales links.

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