International Industrial Textile Association leads a delegation to visit Haining

by:JIYALI     2021-07-30
Invited by the Warp Knitting Branch of China Knitting Industry Association and Zhejiang Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Park, a 14-member delegation from the International Industrial Textile Association (IFAI) visited Haining Warp Knitting Industrial Park recently. Haining Mayor Shen Linong and other leaders, Haining Foreign Economic and Trade Cooperation Bureau and other related units, China Knitting Industry Association Warp Knitting Branch Chairman, and Park Management Committee Director Shen Shunian received the delegation. The members of the IFAI delegation visiting this time include Stephen Warner, President of I Juan FAI, Executive Director Christopher Nolan, Australia Nolan Ou Ruoke Co., Ltd., Bond Cote, USA, PPG Industrial Group, USA, Representatives of member companies such as Warner Cover Canada. At the meeting, Shen Linong introduced Haining City and the general situation of Haining's warp knitting industry to IFAI, and Shen Shunnian introduced the development of the park in detail. Stephen Warner first expressed his gratitude to the park for the reception and hoped to strengthen communication and contact with Chinese industrial textile enterprises in the future.   Among them, 13 Haining companies, including Hailide, Jinda, and Watson, participated in the meeting and exchange meeting with the IFAI delegation. The two companies conducted friendly information communication and exchanges on their respective product production areas. After the meeting, at the temporary exhibition in the Haining Warp Knitting Building, members of the I-FAI delegation had in-depth discussions with 12 industrial textile companies that had set up booths, and learned about their products in detail. Through exchanges, some representatives also made a special trip to visit companies with the intention of cooperation.   This exchange meeting was the first attempt by the Warp Knitting Branch of the China Knitting Industry Association to cooperate with IFAI. It was recognized and supported by IFAI, and was generally welcomed by the member companies of both parties. It is understood that the warp knitting branch of the China Knitting Industry Association will strengthen further cooperation with IFAI. It plans to focus on serving the warp knitting industry cluster in 2008 and vigorously carry out similar activities to promote the internationalization of the warp knitting industry and enrich the warp knitting industry. Compile channels for enterprises to open up the international market and provide a platform for technology and trade exchanges and cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises at home and abroad.
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