Insufficient power caused heavy losses to Indian textile mills

by:JIYALI     2021-08-11
Due to power shortages, Indian textile factories may lose nearly 50 billion rupees in March.   Due to the start-up of self-provided power plants, large-scale production enterprises have increased their production costs.   Due to weekly power outages, textile mills cannot get power from the grid for more than 40 hours a week. They have to generate electricity by themselves during the daily peak period of power consumption.  The factory has only two options, either stop production or switch to other energy sources, such as generators or furnace oil equipment.   K.V. Srinivasan, president of the Southern India Textile Mills Union, said that most of the factories stopped production when there was a power outage.   If a generator is used, the cost per unit of electricity is 12 rupees, and the cost of each unit of electricity from the grid is roughly 4.20 rupees. A spinning mill requires four electrical units to produce one kilogram of yarn (40s).   Since these textile factories operate seven days a week, the problems of these enterprises are very serious.  The association hopes that the grid transmission price will be cut by 25%. Approximately 200MW furnace oil equipment is idle. Because of the high fuel cost, textile mills cannot use these equipment.   The power situation will not improve in the near future. But the government will help textile factories use their own power generation equipment, and the government will subsidize the price difference between grid electricity and self-generated electricity.   In addition, the association recommends that the distribution of power shortages should be even, and in all industries, the standards for power outages and peak power consumption should be strictly enforced.
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