Infrastructure Development of India's Textile and Leather Industry

by:JIYALI     2021-08-16
The UPA government promises to develop world-class infrastructure and production capacity in the handicrafts, hand looms, and decentralized power looms industry groups by adopting the development direction of the integrated industry cluster, with a minimum of 5,000 looms (hand-operated looms). Shake looms and power looms), this fiscal year will develop the following large-scale industry groups: The Indian Unified Progress Alliance (UPA) government formulated the Integrated Textile Industrial Park Arrangement (SITP) in July 2005 to strengthen the infrastructure of the textile industry. Because the textile industry has a growing potential. As of March 31, 2008, 30 comprehensive textile parks have been approved. These textile parks will attract investment of 169.53 billion rupees. After they are put into operation, they will create 575,000 jobs (direct and indirect) and produce goods worth 273.86 billion rupees each year. This arrangement continues to the Eleventh Five-Year Plan. The government has allocated 4.5 billion rupees for the 2008-09 arrangement. It also intends to develop another 10 textile parks during the 11th Five-Year Plan. TamilNadu State held the inauguration ceremony for the Palladam High-tech Weaving Park on April 19, 2008. This textile park will create approximately 5,000 jobs. The remaining 29 textile parks will be completed in 2008-09.
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