Indonesian Textile Industry Association urges the government to protect the industry

by:JIYALI     2021-08-18
The Indonesian Textile Industry Association recently urged the government to take various measures to protect this industry. Beni Sudirsno, chairman of the country's textile industry association, suggested that the government can formulate relevant policies to stipulate that foreign textile products can only be imported through the two largest ports in Indonesia, Jakarta and Surabaya, in order to greatly reduce the smuggling's blow to domestic industries. It is reported that more than 860,000 tons of textiles illegally flowed into Indonesia last year, which affected the survival of Indonesia's small and medium-sized textile enterprises and led to a series of consequences such as bankruptcy, unemployment, bad bank debts, and decline in taxes. In addition, the Indonesian Textile Industry Association also requires the government to increase the import tariffs on fabrics and clothing products from 15% to 25%, and at the same time take measures to prevent textile exports from being accused of foreign anti-dumping.
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