Indonesia will open up channels for importing textile machinery

by:JIYALI     2021-08-10
According to a report in Indonesia’s 'Business Daily' on April 17, the Indonesian government will open channels for importing textile machinery on a large scale, so that the implementation of the industry’s first-stage renewal program can proceed smoothly.   The above policy only gives priority to machines that are still unable to manufacture in China. All machines encouraged to be imported above must be new machines, not second-hand machines.  Indonesian Industry Minister Fahmi Idris (Fahmi Idris) stated that in the textile industry machinery renewal program, the government will release 255 billion rupiah in the form of interest subsidies.   A few days ago, after participating in the state-owned enterprise coordination and trade forum, he said that the problem is that we can't fully manufacture textile machines by ourselves. Therefore, they will buy from countries that can manufacture cheap and high-quality machines.   He said that Indonesia has been able to manufacture simple textile machines, such as silk spinning machines. However, the country’s machinery industry is not yet able to produce comprehensive and complete machines, starting from yarn and spinning.   In addition, most of the textile machines purchased by Indonesia come from Japan, Germany and Italy. Machines from the above-mentioned countries are extremely expensive. The first choice now comes from textile machines made in China, Taiwan and India, which are of good quality and relatively inexpensive.   Enofian Ismi, secretary of the Indonesian Textile Industry Association, hopes that the textile industry will purchase at least the machines manufactured in 2002, not just considering the price. For example, a Chinese embroidery machine priced at 100 million dong can only last for two years, while an embroidery machine from Germany or Japan, which costs 600 million dong, can last for five years.   The Indonesian Textile Industry Association disclosed that there are currently 200 textile companies that have submitted applications to the government for machine renewal, and it is estimated that the total loan for machine renewal is 4 trillion rupiah. The number of companies applying will increase because this program not only involves large-scale textile companies, but also small and medium-sized enterprises. Therefore, the Indonesian Textile Industry Association urges the government to make fair selections.
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