Indonesia: Heavy silk yarn is difficult to meet orders

by:JIYALI     2021-08-03
Due to the financial constraints of purchasing raw materials, it is difficult for Bangka's thick silk textile entrepreneurs to meet the orders they have received. Abi Yazide, a thick silk textile entrepreneur from Bangkabin Port, said that the demand for thick silk textiles is relatively large, and there is even demand from abroad, but some of the demand has not been met. We need 300 million dong in funds to meet demand from all over the world and abroad, such as Malaysia and Japan. Abi Yazide said.   Abi Yazide said that they had received 200 million dong soft capital loans from the Ministry of Small and Medium Enterprises and Cooperation, but it has been more than two years for the installment payment. Since participating in various exhibitions held in various places and abroad, such as the Indonesia Investment Market Exhibition held in Paris, France at the end of last month, the demand for thick yarn textile products has continued to increase.
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