Indonesia asks Australia and New Zealand to open up the textile market

by:JIYALI     2021-08-15
Indonesia requires Australia and New Zealand to open their textile markets under the ASEAN Free Trade Agreement (FTA).   Iman Pambagyo, head of regional affairs of the Foreign Trade Cooperation Council of the Ministry of Trade, said on Tuesday: We require textiles with import tariffs of 3.5% and 17.5% to be included in the list of products subject to tariff reduction.   So far, only China has obtained zero-tariff export convenience for textiles and textile products from these two countries.   Iman said that Indonesia has the opportunity to expand textile exports to Australia and New Zealand.   He said: However, only our high-end products enjoy zero tariffs. There is no zero-tariff treatment for other products. We request zero tariff priority for our products.   He said that for this reason, the government requires the textile and textile industry to list the products that can be exported to Australia.   Iman said that Indonesia also proposes to provide zero-to-zero tariffs on its exports of cars and shoes.   He said that the Australian and New Zealand markets are great markets for textiles, shoes and automotive products, especially automotive accessories.
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