Indian luggage manufacturers struggling to compete with international brands

by:JIYALI     2021-08-14
With the increasing purchasing power of Indian middle-class consumers, the number of overseas brands entering the shelves of the Indian market has also increased accordingly. How do Indian brands compete with foreign brands? The Indian Business Report referred this issue to some companies that have been very successful in India. HiDesign, a manufacturer of luxury leather bags, is located in Ponticelli, southern India. Dilip Kapur, the founder and current general manager of the company, said that his company can survive in the international market because we are different and we have clear development ideas. Hidesign was first founded in 1978, with only one employee at the beginning. In 1991, he established his own factory and gradually opened many shops, specializing in making leather bags. DilipKaput said when referring to the company’s start-up that at first, his ‘counter-culture’ design was difficult to sell in India, mainly sold in foreign markets, and was later favored by the domestic market. Now he enjoys an average annual growth rate of 30%.
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