India will set up technical textiles technical group

by:JIYALI     2021-08-13
Shri Shannkersinh Vaghela, the Joint Minister of Textiles of India, held the opening ceremony for the Indian Technical Textile Industry Global Conference, which lasted for one day. At the opening ceremony, he said that the Indian government is planning to establish four academic centers of excellence to provide assistance for technical textile infrastructure.   These centers will be equipped with internationally recognized testing laboratories, training equipment, technicians, IT information centers and other technical textile entrepreneurs who need support.   He said that the four centers will be completed in six months. These centers are Bombay Textile Research Association (BTRA), responsible for biotech textiles; Silk u0026 Art Silk Manufacturing Research Association (SASMIRA), responsible for agricultural technical textiles; Indian Northern Textile Research Association (NITRA), responsible for the protection of technical textiles; South India textile research Association (SITRA), responsible for medical technical textiles.   He said that in September 2007, Indian Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh announced that the government will soon establish a technical textile technical group.   He said that the group will provide support for the development of the technical textile industry in India, including corporate production capacity building, including standardization, product development, joint testing facilities; domestic and export market development; and silk development. He called on industrial representatives to use the government's incentive policies to develop development opportunities in the textile sector.   Textile Minister ShriA.K.Singh said that technical textiles are becoming an investment area in India. This industry has huge development potential.   He said that the technical textile expert committee assessed that the market size of technical textiles in 2003-04 was about 200 billion rupees, and it will grow to about 300 billion rupees in 2007-08, with an annual growth rate of 12%.   The one-day conference focused on the issues of India: the next destination of technical textiles; technical textile standard development; biotechnology, construction technology; automotive technology and medical technology; defense and fire protection technology.
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