India Textile Park will expand India's annual export scale

by:JIYALI     2021-08-01
The Federal Government of India approved the proposal to establish 25 textile parks across India. These textile parks will strengthen the position of the Indian textile industry in the international market. The Tamil Nadu State Ministry of Industry and Commerce and the Madurai Regional Textile Exporters Association are seriously considering building a comprehensive textile park of approximately 150 acres near Madurai City to promote textile and clothing exports, and all basic facilities such as weaving, clothing, manufacturing, dyeing, and Bleaching is included in the framework of the textile park arrangement plan of the United Textile Department of India.   Madurai Comprehensive Textile Park will be completed by the end of 2008. According to informed sources, the textile park will attract investment of approximately Rs 3 billion, and the investment scale will be expanded to Rs 5 billion for the construction of the textile park and the purchase and installation of basic equipment.   Madurai Spinning Mills Association hopes that after the completion of this textile park, the textile industry production in Tamil Nadu State will be comprehensively increased and make a greater contribution to the country’s average annual income.
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