India's textile industry faces a shortage of skilled labor

by:JIYALI     2021-08-08
The newly established Sriperumbatur manufacturing plant in India is recruiting textile workers and has successfully attracted weavers in the city to change jobs. The silk weaving plant in Kancheepuram City, Tamil Nadu State is facing a shortage of skilled labor.   Kancheepuram textile workers in India are gradually abandoning the precision work inherited from their ancestors. The once prosperous Tamil Nadu state is facing a shortage of workers. The income of weavers in this region is very low, and the salary provided by the government is higher than that of private weaving factories.   At the same time, large textile mills are also facing the impact of lack of work. The appreciation of the rupee makes it more difficult for textile mill operators to raise wages to improve the lack of work.  The Southern Indian Industrial Textile Association (SIMA) stated that the financial capacity of local textile factories is limited. Therefore, the textile industry is gradually migrating from west to east. If the cost is increased, the domestic textile industry seems to be unable to stay in India.  The only option for a private hand loom factory is to slowly adapt to these changes. In order to continue to maintain the current labor team, wages must be increased to meet the wage level of the manufacturing industry.
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